The Birth of Start 2 Continue


Welcome to Start 2 Continue, a new website dedicated to reporting on the video game industry, though with a bit of a twist. Sure, we’ll have your reviews, previews, and gaming news, but we have a soft spot for writing on gamer culture, indie developers, and consumer and industry ethics. We’ll keep you in the know on the goings on, from new products and companies to mergers and bankruptcies, to the latest DRM dispute.

We’re built from the ground up by a handful of passionate gamers, mainly from the Millennial Generation (that is, your typical 80s and 90s kids), adding a youthful–though serious–perspective to the gaming industry. As most of us are 20-something college kids, we’re working with limited resources. Our site might not compare visually to some of the more professional avenues for gaming information, but rest assured that we seek to constantly improve ourselves. That and hopefully our material and whimsical charm makes up for the lack of polish . Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right?

We don’t want Start 2 Continue to just be an archive of guides and news articles either. Since many of us have belonged to a clan or guild for most of our lives, we’re always looking for people to play with. We have a Steam group already up and running, as well as an official Teamspeak and Minecraft server (information on the group page). We’ll be scheduling gaming nights too and maybe later on, have a few contests here and there. Who knows?

We hope that you’ll enjoy your stay and we’re always looking for feedback. Feel free to comment on our articles or send us an email or message on Steam. We can only get better with your help.

Keep being awesome and we’ll see you around!

Tony Magestro

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Anthony "Tony" Magestro--or known on the field of battle as Metzge--is an avid writer, gamer, and entrepreneur. When he's not writing, gaming, or entrepreneuring, he enjoys cooking, trippy movies, and trying to be awesome to varying degrees of success. Feel free to check out his LinkedIn page, especially if you need freelance help with content writing or digital marketing. Or just like to network, that's fine too.