Spotlight: Meet the Suikoden Revival Movement

Spotlight: Meet the Suikoden Revival Movement


If it’s one group of people on this earth that understand the need to accomplish quests, it’s gamers. And there’s no other group I can think of readily with such tenacity as gamers riled up about something they want. Such is the case with the Suikoden Revival Movement, a collection of over 21,000 fans who want to see Suikoden brought back to its former glory, having been dissatisfied with the series’ current direction.

Having been around since the end of July in 2012, SRM’s story begins with its founding members Chris Holmes and Ryan Hughes back in November of 2010. According to the official Wikia chronicling the group’s history:

“Both [Holmes and Hughes] worked hard at attempting to rally up support on the forums of Initially support was quote minimal and some fierce opposition was encountered. In January 2011, through the help of Suikoden fan group “The True Rune Army” and member Mike Gitchell, Holmes and Hughes managed to spearhead a Facebook campaign which involved hitting the Konami US Facebook page hard with a constant stream of comments regarding the future of the Suikoden series. This produced an incredible snowballing effect and, after two months of deliberation, Konami US Facebook finally responded on 1st March 2011. Although the answer from Konami was not what the fans hoped to hear, this small campaign proved that there was still an appetite for the Suikoden series.”

Petitioning is a favored form of mass feedback that gamers use, generally (and normally respectfully) asking their favorite developer to satisfy whatever needs they want addressed. Some recent petitions that come to mind were for PC releases of both Grand Theft Auto V and The Division, the restoration of the Xbox One’s original DRM plans, as well as Bethesda confirming or denying rumors about Fallout 4 (lest we forget that whole debacle of yesteryear). It should then come as no surprise then that if a group of avid fans of a series see it taking a turn for the worst (and after all, the consumers who buy games from the developers and vote with their dollars have the most powerful say), they’ll be willing to band together and let their voice be heard.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk with Chris Holmes and he mentioned his project to me and, as a supporter of giving the people what they want–especially when it’s clamor for quality gaming–I couldn’t help but write about him and the Suikoden Revival Movement. Holmes shared with me his own aims with regards to his organization:

“Our main aim here is to revive the Genso Suikoden series. We aim to prove that the Suikoden fan base is still large enough, and passionate enough, for Konami not to give up on. An already peculiar and modest series, Genso Suikoden‘s popularity has waned in recent years. With rumours that Konami’s ”Suikoden team had been disbanded”, or that the whole Genso Suikoden series had been abandoned entirely, it was a surprise to many of us when Konami announced Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki at Tokyo Game Show 2011. But is this ”new direction” really what is best for the seires?

“While we are gratefull [sic] that the Genso Suikoden series is, in fact, not dead – we aim to show Konami that it would be more profitable, and to the benefit of us all, if they continued the Suikoden series based in the same world and timeline originaly [sic] set out by Yoshitaka Murayama and in the main games I-V.

“It is no secret that Konami has mishandled this series that held so much promise. But instead of telling Konami where they went wrong, we aim to work with Konami to revive the older games and the Suikoden franchise as a whole.”

“So what are their goals specifically?” You might be wondering. They are as follows:

  1. Suikoden I and II on digital distribution worldwide such as PSN, XBLA, Steam Android and iOS
  2. Suikoden III-V on PSN and XBLA worldwide
  3. Localise Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki outside of Japan
  4. Localise the Suikoden Manga/novels outside of Japan
  5. To lobby Konami for greater and more wide-spread advertising of the Suikoden series.
  6. For Konami to distribute various Suikoden merchandise outside of Japan, such as: soundtracks, posters, and art books.
  7. For Konami to launch an official, English language Suikoden Facebook fan page

Want to take part? Join the campaign today! The next event is currently TBD, but of course, while you’re keeping up with Start 2 Continue on Facebook, adding the Suikoden Revival Movement to your newsfeed is yet another welcome addition to your social media followings, eh? Especially if you’re a fan of the series and share the same sentiments as Holmes.

And if you’re not… well… that’s the beauty of free speech, amirite?

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