From the Editor: Reviewing How We Review


In the wake of #GamerGate, I was honestly kind of torn. I had to think long and hard about whether or not I felt like I was contributing something worthwhile to the journalism side of the video game industry–and by worthwhile, I mean valuable. With a lot of the ethical questions arising within the industry as DLC, Early Access, and day-after-launch patches become more and more commonplace, upon reflection I felt that the way we talk about games might have to change.

I was trying to draft a review last night and after outlining all my points and making my arguments, I was left to determine a score. I thought to myself, “You know… what would make this game an 8 versus a game that’s rated a 9? Depending on my mood, I might like Deus Ex a bit more than Dishonored; wouldn’t it follow then that my score of them would’ve changed?” With how dynamic games have become, what with the popularity of post-launch patching (with games like Europa Universalis IV having tons of new mechanics and tweaks they didn’t have when they were first released), a game could also become broken if a developer is too careless with its patching.

My opinions on the state of the industry aside, I felt that in order to write a fair review, I shouldn’t put a score on it. Besides, you guys are better than that; you can’t just cop out and hinge upon a number to help determine whether or not a game is worth playing. Instead, I’ll start treating reviews like the Why I Love articles you might have seen floating around on our feed: picking out a few key points and explaining why they are (or aren’t) awesome.

Don’t worry, there will at least be summary information at the end, but nothing quantifiable. After all, the choice of whether or not to buy a game rests with you. I’m just here to help you save your money–or at least spend it wisely on quality games. Because who doesn’t like good games? Oh, how I bet your mind just started flooding with answers to that question.

As I’ve mentioned a week or so ago, I’ll be trying to write more often. I was thinking of coming up with a special daily theme that repeats on a weekly basis. We already have Screenshot Saturday, but I was thinking of others like Throwback Thursday, where we reminisce over the great games of yesteryear, or Strategy Sunday, where we post a bunch of mini strategy guides (one of which happens to be the most popular article we have).

Of course, we could use any help we can get, whether you’re interested in writing or supporting us in other ways. And, at the very least, let us know how we’re doing or how we can improve. It’s weird to think we’ve been around for almost two years now.

Those two years though are but the first step on our thousand mile journey. Good things are happening, friends.

Stay tuned.

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