From the Editor: Slowly But Surely


If you couldn’t figure out already, we at Start 2 Continue are believers in constant improvement. Since our launch back in June of 2013, our little corner of the web has transformed already a handful of times. Heck, even now, our color palette is different from what it was yesterday (and we hope you like it–we’re actually kinda partial to the red-yellow-black scheme we got going on now).

But we also know that consistency is appreciated, and that in familiarity, we find comfort. We get annoyed just as much as the next guy when Facebook up and switches everything around, so we can imagine if a few of you have begun to believe we’re having a bit of an identity crisis.

I won’t lie to you though, friends. I’ll start by saying you need not worry; we’re not in a crisis. We actually intend on being around for quite some time and we’ve been working quite frequently on a few behind-the-scenes things, getting everything organized for our next big step. But we are having some second thoughts about our identity.

Frankly, the Internet is already saturated with video game news websites and if you want news, you probably check out IGN or PCGamer or Kotaku before you even think about us (which is fine–again, safety in routine and all that). And though I speak for myself in these next few words, I’ve kind of grown disenchanted with just writing reviews here and there. That and between trying to finish up my last semester of my undergrad, balancing my freelancing and on-campus jobs on the side along with schoolwork, and getting my living arrangements situated for when I move out west, I feel drained and the words don’t come as easily as they used to.

I will say though that in my exposure to project management and copywriting and editing in my other professional pursuits, it’s made me reflect on the focus of Start 2 Continue, allowing us to hopefully differentiate from the other literal hundreds of thousands of video game-related websites. Instead of striving to be just another news outlet, we want to put priority on a few key areas: the culture of the gaming industry, both from a consumer and corporate standpoint; esports and contests; fostering ethical and friendly behavior within the industry, especially within our own community; and highlighting independent and/or Gen-Y entrepreneurialism.

Anyone can write news. Anyone can write random list articles. But we want to shed light on cool things and people who might deserve a little bit of attention. We want to to empower others to follow their passions and to make connections with others in the industry (after all, we’re trying to pave our own way through the quagmire that is video game journalism). For lack of better terms, for all the a**holes in the world and how easy it is to be one (especially with the safety and anonymity of the Internet), we want to be a counter-friction to that, celebrating the accomplishments of the industry and its loyal fans. Not all gamers are crazy and blood-thirsty. A lot of us are pretty darn cool (at least, I think so).

With my own graduation looming around the corner, I intend on being more visibly active. Rest assured, I’ve been working on a lot of other stuff, though I doubt any of you care about our pretty sick and organized local file directory or the new templates we’ve made for documentation. Unless you’re a technical communication nerd like me… Then maybe you’ll understand how exciting that is. REGARDLESS. KNOW THIS:

We’re doing our best. We might be evolving slowly, but as the old saying goes, “a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step.” Some days, we’re sprinting and other days we’re crawling, but know that every day, we’re taking it one step at a time. And if we’re not going as fast as you’d like us to, we invite you to help us, whether it’s a short post on why you love your favorite game or an extra $20 to help cover our hosting costs.

At the end of the day, we’re here for you. And we’re blessed and truly grateful for having such a supportive fanbase.

Good things are on the way, friends. MARK MY WORDS. Things, they are a’changin’.

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Anthony "Tony" Magestro--or known on the field of battle as Metzge--is an avid writer, gamer, and entrepreneur. When he's not writing, gaming, or entrepreneuring, he enjoys cooking, trippy movies, and trying to be awesome to varying degrees of success. Feel free to check out his LinkedIn page, especially if you need freelance help with content writing or digital marketing. Or just like to network, that's fine too.