Razer’s Blade Stealth combines power with portability

Razer’s Blade Stealth combines power with portability


Gamers on the go have always had a hard choice to make, get the beefy laptop that is the size and weight of a toddler or go with the sleek machine that can barely run minesweeper at 30 FPS.  That choice is no longer necessary as Razer looks to serve everyone with their new Blade Stealth Ultrabook.

At first glance, the Blade Stealth just looks like another high-end laptop that will give you a nice portable computing experience. Of course, the trade-off for portability usually comes at the cost of graphics and overall computing power in comparison to a stationary desktop. Luckily Razer has found a clever solution: the Core.

The Core is a docking system that houses a desktop graphics card for use with the Blade Stealth. This allows players to package up the machine for simple travel, and expand the specs when they arrive at their destination using their beloved GPU. In other words, you can use the laptop while flying to accomplish your basic tasks, but once your tray is in the locked and upright position, you can get the best resolution and frame rate your video card of choice has to offer.

This new Ultrabook has some pretty nice looking specs without even looking at the possibilities afforded by the Core. The laptop will ship with a Intel Core i7-6500U, a quad core processor that brings speeds of 2.5 GHz and turbo boosts up to 3.1 GHz as well as up to 512GB of solid-state wonder in storage.

Razer Blade Stealth


There are two very impressive screen options to consider when purchasing the Blade Stealth. Both are 12.5″ touchscreens, with the difference in resolution and quality. The first choice is the Quad HD screen with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and 234 pixels per inch. If that view isn’t quite clear enough for you, the Ultra HD screen is here to help. A massive 3840 x 2160 resolution and 352 pixels per inch are enough to make a grown man cry. You really might want to wear protective eyewear with how sharp the picture is gonna be.

You may argue that it’s almost cheating to make the laptop so thin just to add an external video card housing, but really it seems as though Razer is hitting the mark when it comes to packaging up a system that will be of great use to a wide range of people. Talk about thinking outside the box.

The Razer Stealth starts at $999 and can go up to $1599 depending on the available options chosen. The Core is sold separately and is coming soon without pricing information at this time.

If you’re looking for a new machine to take with you easily but you don’t want to sacrifice gaming quality when you get back home look no further. The Razer Blade Stealth was made just for nomadic gamers like you.

Source: Razer (via engadget)

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