From the Editor: Finding Our Stride

From the Editor: Finding Our Stride


Since our relaunch a few months ago, there’s been a lot to do: imported articles to reformat and fix; plugins to troubleshoot; design adjustments needing to be made; making goals for the coming year. While sifting through some of those old articles waiting to be republished, I stumbled upon my very first post almost three years ago. Ah, such youth and optimism. And then real adulthood comes along to sock ya right in the bread box, making sure you keep from drifting back up into the clouds of free-spirited whimsy. But, like a fancy wine, I like to think we’ve gotten better with age. Dare to compare circa October 2013 us (or at least, what we could glean from Web Archive):

From the Editor: Finding Our Stride

Did I mention we’ve been busy?

At any rate, while we here at Start 2 Continue are still passionate about playing games and meeting new people, we’re stepping away from the general “video game news” label; odds are, you probably already have your top 5 sources for video game news at many more on your social media feeds and, given our size, we just can’t take on the big sites for a slice of the market, nor was that really our intent. Instead, we’ve decided to switch gears, shedding a new light on the people aspect of gaming, whether it’s industry and consumer (see “gaming community”) culture from food, books, and music, to resources on how to get your own start as someone who wants to work in the industry.

Sure, gaming is fun and all, but its applications and how it affects us and the world around us. Now, games are used to teach kids ethics, to supplement healthcare programs, in addition to being used as military training aids (America’s Army, naturally). If not the games themselves, the practice of gamification in businesses and organizations adapts game principles and concepts to working models to incentivize students and employees in the same way objective-based games entice their players to keep moving. And don’t get me started on eSports and how ESPN even wants a piece of that pie.

In short, we’ve made it our goal to help build the industry, starting with the most fundamental component: people. We’ve already begun compiling a list of independent developers in our Directory of Independent Talent. From there, you can learn about a variety of studios and where they’re based, their website and press information, as well as related news articles and games they’ve made. The Directory isn’t just for companies and game developers either, but for any independent pro (whether you’re a musician or composer, visual artist, programmer, or writer) looking to get their feet wet. So if you’re looking for someone to help design audio for your game or maybe a new artist to complement your team the Directory’s gonna have that covered too.

Naturally, if you’d like to put your hat in the ring and your name on the list, you can find a contact form at the bottom of the Directory for this very purpose, as well as for suggestions on how we can improve the Directory. Feedback. Trial and error. You know how it goes.

However, I think after three years, it’s safe to say we’re finally finding our stride and making meaningful steps in the right direction. But, as always, we appreciate all the support and we can only get better with your help. But now, it’s our turn to help you out too.

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