‘Door Kickers 2’ announced

‘Door Kickers 2’ announced


Sunday marked three years since KillHouse Games released their first announcement about the critically acclaimed tactics game, Door Kickers. In celebration, they revealed more information about the upcoming sequel, Door Kickers 2: Task Force North.

For those who have been under a rock and haven’t heard about Door Kickers, it is “an innovative real-time strategy game that puts you in charge of a SWAT team.” You must equip your team, plan their route, and coordinate up to 10 troopers as they rescue hostages, defuse bombs, and clear gang hideouts.

In the final few months of last year, KillHouse Games released a straw poll about what players wanted to see in the new game. 42% of the 1500 who voted wanted cooperative multiplayer, and they are going to get it. Adversarial multiplayer was also requested and, although it was not announced as a feature, it is still in the books.

Door Kickers 2 ships you off to the Middle East, where you will command a Special Operations Teams as they clear terrorist compounds and deal with new threats, such as suicide bombers and RPGs. With it comes a host of a new features, including the ability to turn… lights… off.

It will arrive on Early Access in the final months of this year, and be fully released when all the features are done. Don’t worry though, it is highly unlikely that it will be one of those games that perpetually lives on Early Access, as the first installment only spent a year there.

Despite the earlier sarcasm, Door Kickers 2 looks a great step forward for KillHouse Games. It takes something that has worked well, and builds on it enough that I would happily throw my money at it. What would make me even happier though, is if they included the SAS as one of the Special Forces teams available.

Source: Steam (via PC Gamer)