Heroes of the West mod released for Red Orchestra 2

Heroes of the West mod released for Red Orchestra 2


Years ago, I used to be a part of the tactical realism community surrounding Darkest Hour, a mod that took the original Red Orchestra to the good ol’ Western front. Why, most of my summer back in 2010 was spent skirmishing with other “units” (the community’s preferred term for clan) and practicing for those skirmishes. Some of my friends and I even now recall the clearing drills we used to do, knowing what corner to cover when entering a room all tacticool-like. Complaining about running the exercise over and over again because someone wasn’t paying attention when throwing grenades to breach… but I digress. What Darkest Hour once did for Red OrchestraTripwire Interactive‘s enthusiastic modding community is now doing again with Heroes of the West, a free mod for the sequel Red Orchestra 2 just released today!

Heroes of the West mod released for Red Orchestra 2

If you’ve gotten bored with the usual Germans versus Russians or Japanese versus Americans, the Germans and Americans will be squaring off across four new maps with ten new weapons. Along with five additional character model sets, the British will also be making a reappearance as a playable faction, helping push back the German invasion of Western Europe.

I’m sure there’ll be more maps to come in time; all we know now is that the mod team “will be continuing to support the mod with regular updates of maps, characters, and weapons over the coming months.” In the meantime, the battles of Omaha Beach, Carentan, and Port Brest in France as well as Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands will be more than enough to keep you more occupied than… well… the aforementioned locales.

If you already own Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm, you can download the mod for free via Steam. If you don’t, fret not as the base games are Steam’s Daily Deal for today, going for 75% off (which equates to about $7.49 USD for the deluxe edition, including both Pacific and Eastern European theaters).

As one of my old war buddies told me, we’re honor-bound to answer this call to arms, but whether or not this new mod lives up to its predecessor is still to be seen. All I know is that those grenades better go off down range as they ought to… of course, the PIATs should make that task a bit easier now.

Source: Tripwire Interactive

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