Fallout Cascadia mod features Seattle, Pacific Northwest

Fallout Cascadia mod features Seattle, Pacific Northwest


H’OMG, GUYS. If it’s two things I love, it’s the Pacific Northwest and Fallout. And while playing Fallout up here in Washington is pretty nice, it isn’t as exciting as playing Fallout in Washington if you catch my drift. If not, let me make it a bit more clear: some crafty modders are bringing us a couple hundred miles north from where it all began in the upcoming Fallout Cascadia mod for Fallout 4.

While I was prowling on Reddit for some cool news to share with you all, I found a came across an interesting sub and with it, overwhelming feels of dreams coming true. A handful of dedicated volunteer mod designers have decided to redefine the Evergreen State to mean more than just the trees; the only thing left evergreen here would be the warm glow of lingering radiation surrounding Seattle and its suburbs. Already six months deep (though with no solid release date as of yet), the Fallout 4 mod will have “more quests and locations than Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor DLC.”

Fallout Cascadia mod features Seattle, Pacific Northwest

Hmm.. I wonder.. did the Casacadian Independence Movement finally get its wish?

The team intends on making Fallout Cascadia as accessible as possible, utilizing Nexus for primary release to PC players, but hoping to release it on Bethesda.net for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players as well (assuming the mod will run on consoles). Taking place on an “adventure complete separate from [Fallout 4‘s] main game,” you’re left to explore the remnants of the Cascades and the communities nestled in their shadows and while there’s no in-game connection and ability to travel between Cascadia and the Commonwealth, I could use a vacation on the other side of the country. Well… the player-character, that is. I’m already here. But I digress.

For more information or if you want to follow along with the team’s progress, they have a growing presence on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as Tumblr. And if you’re pretty savvy with modding and the Creation Kit, the team’s looking for volunteers to help fill out their ranks, including texture and concept artists, 3D modelers, quest and level designers, and social media management.

Again, Fallout Cascadia‘s launch is still TBD, but trust me, you’ll know when it’s out. The Internet might explode and perhaps prompting a real-life Armageddon. But hell, at least with this mod, I’ll be better prepared to scavenge and master the wastes of the Pacific Northwest.

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