3 Video Game Design YouTube Channels to Check Out

3 Video Game Design YouTube Channels to Check Out


You know, there are channels upon channels of Let’s Plays and game walkthroughs out there on YouTube. Everybody and their grandmother’s trying out games x, y, and z and letting the Internet know their reactions and invite them to experience their adventures with them. That’s all well and good, but what about channels that dig a bit deeper, discussing the games and/or their very creation?

While I’m sure there are others out there, I’ve found three interesting game design YouTube channels that every game enthusiast and wannabe game designer should look into. That said, let’s take a look at our first recommendation:

Game Maker’s Toolkit

A crowd-sourced project headed by Mark Brown and supported by over 450 Patreon backersGame Maker’s Toolkit is one of my favorite game design channels on YouTube. Tackling a variety of topics like the anatomy of a side quest or the use of morality as a game mechanic (which you can check out below), this channel is a must-subscribe for anyone who loves games.

From a game design standpoint, Mark does a great job explaining various elements and mechanics at a technical level to help any aspiring designer learn from the greats behind Half-Life and Fallout. And for those who just enjoy playing games, the videos are still well-edited, interesting, and informative, that, at the very least, will help instill a greater appreciation for the work that goes into some of these awesome franchises.

If you’re impressed with Mark’s work and want to support him and Game Maker’s Toolkit, you can donate and subscribe to his page on Patreon for backer-exclusive posts and knowing you’re helping contribute to the greater intellectual discussion on one of our (and most likely your) favorite hobbies.

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