A New Life, A New Start (2 Continue)

A New Life, A New Start (2 Continue)


Hello again, friends. I hope you’ve been doing well since last we spoke. As I alluded to in my latest “What’s Metzge Playing” segment, I’ve been MIA focusing on my big boy job. Though I’ve still be working on writing, I find myself researching more about logistics, sustainability, and ecommerce than I do about video games — not that I’m necessarily complaining, but I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. That isn’t to say I won’t be writing for Start 2 Continue anymore. Quite the contrary, I’ll still be around. I’ve just gotta maneuver things a bit better to fit my new life, especially if this has become more of a personal project than a team endeavor.

One of the many benefits of this new full-time gig is that I’ve been soaking in all these new ideas revolving around search engine optimization, web design, and content development. Moreover, after cruising over our own SEO stats, I find that a lot of S2C‘s competition is less other gaming news sites and more lore-oriented sites such as Total War Center (a Total War community) and RPG Codex (a discussion board and repository for all things roleplaying). While we share some closer proximity to Rock, Paper, Shotgun and PC Gamer as far as shared keywords go, we also rank closely with other grassroots-type independent sites such as The Nerd StashPC Gaming GuruAlterGamer, and GamePressure.com.

total war warhammer

The association to TWC has nothing to do with my obsession over the series… /s

Still, I personally have no interest in competing with the bigger names head-on. They already have years of experience with full writing teams and tens of thousands (if not, hundreds of thousands) of avid fans. All that against little ol’ me? No thanks. But with that in mind, I still want to focus on innovating how games are written and talked about, being a resource both for gamers, the designer masterminds, and other writers like me who do what they do for the passion of gaming, not just to regurgitate stories to promote a certain agenda based on advertiser contracts.

So, I’ve decided to treat the website more like an actual project, mimicking game development, what with its versions and patches and content features. We’ve come pretty far since 2013 and I’ve no doubt the site will continue to morph and change to fit the ever-evolving digital waters that we call the Internet. That and I guess to make my job easier and more fun while still making regular content. Besides, if I’m gonna write about gamification, might as well apply those very same principles to the site itself. Talk about meta.

Instead of writing “From the Editor”-type articles, I’m going to treat these updates like patch notes, detailing upcoming features and new ones I’ve added since last you checked out the site. For instance, two of the main changes are an inclusion of a version number at the bottom of the page linking you to a list of changelogs — this is more for myself to look through the history of the site’s evolution but also to house all the communications I’ll share with you beyond the fourth wall. The second change is getting rid of reviews and previews altogether and replacing them with “reactions.”

I’ve already said my piece on how I think modern game review practices lag behind the rest of the industry. The way games are made, shipped, and patched has changed drastically while the way we write about games has remained relatively the same. Therefore, we need a new way to look at and analyze games. Plus, I don’t know about you (assuming there are other writers out there reading this), but it gets tiring finishing a review and then noticing the game you wrote about was patched three or four times since. Maybe I’m just a pansy and can’t handle the pace… but still, I can’t imagine this is very useful to the average reader.

I’m not going to lie: it’s been quite a journey from where we began to where the site is now. Some days are easier than others, especially with my own battle dealing with some pretty nasty anxiety issues and being left to handle the site by myself. But, I’m all about making lemonade out of lemons and one of the reasons why I won’t quit on the site is because it’s honestly fun, even on some of the rougher days. I love working on this and writing about the things I do and I hope I can help cultivate a community out of it (I even figured out how to get the comments to work so now you can actually talk back to me — which I hopefully won’t regret down the line; you know how the Internet is).

Though before I derp off into the mist again, I just wanted to say thank you again for your continued support and faith in me and Start 2 Continue. As always, I love to hear feedback and getting to know whoever’s out there reading and lurking. I appreciate the patience, especially as my bouts of anxiety (which get better to deal with as the days go on) sometimes keep me from writing, leaving huge gaps in the site’s content. Just know that I’m doing my best and, if you wanted to get your hands dirty helping out, let me know if you’re interested in and maybe we can figure something out.

Moving forward, we’ll consider this the birth of Start 2 Continue version 3.0 (our first version was on Squarespace, second version was launched October 2015 on WordPress, and now the third one has an updated layout that’s more responsive and recent than the one prior). I don’t really know what the future versions are going to look like just yet but… I guess that’s half the fun of an ever-evolving project like this one, eh?

In the meantime, let’s get going.

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