Top 10 Dishonored 2 Quotes

Top 10 Dishonored 2 Quotes


It’s been almost a year since Dishonored 2 came forth from the shadows. Given that there’s only a month left or so before the mini standalone expansion Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, I’ve been doing my best to catch up on the latest goings on of Dunwall’s politics. As the hound for great video game lore that I am — and Bethesda sure has a ton of it between The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, let alone their other IPs — I was surprised to find there wasn’t many decent Dishonored 2 quotes lingering on the web. But worry not, friend. Good ol’ Metzge’s got you covered.

I’m sure there are plenty of other quotes out there especially with Corvo having a lot more to say compared to the first game, but these are a few of my favorite excerpts. Some are lines of spoken dialogue; some are excerpts from books you’ll find laying around. All of them are thought-provoking, helping to paint the moral ambiguity that renders the Empire of the Isles rather gray.

But enough of my blathering. Behold! A decent compendium of Dishonored 2 quotes for your perusal.


10. “Daud stared at the blade. The plan had gone perfectly, even better than he could have hoped. In fact, the whole thing had been too easy. But now that [it] was over, he felt hollow, and there was nothing in the world that could fill him again. He knew it with a certainty that scared him. […] Cleaning the blood from the blade, he studied the marks it made on the cloth. Royal blood, but it looked the same as any he’d seen before. Weren’t the high and mighty supposed to be filled with something different? Something better? […] He’d looked into Jessamine Kaldwin‘s eyes at the moment her life slipped away. And in that moment a thought occurred to him: He’d made a mistake. He’d been misled. That kind of thinking was useless. She was just as dead, whether he regretted it or not. But he’d seen his true face reflected in her eyes; seen himself for what he really was. Not a renowned assassin, not some great shaper of history. Just another playing piece in an unknowable game.” – excerpt from a book entitled “The Knife of Dunwall”

9. “At last, Lord Protector, you’ve found me. Do you realize you’re only the second person to set foot in this room, the most sophisticated laboratory in the Isles? Please, try not to damage anything as you die.” – Kirin Jindosh taunting Corvo Attano

8. “Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, just as you’re starting to relax, you look up and there are wolves at the gate. Wolves with red muzzles, hungry for your insides. Everything has turned to shit.” – Corvo Attano (first mission intro)

7. “If we are to become parted someday, remember that I know exactly who you are, and I treasure you.” – The Heart

6. “I so enjoy watching history warp as words pass from the lips of one to the ears of another. Imperfectly formed, half understood, poorly remembered. In the years to come, the story of the Crown Killer will be twisted and bent; hammered like soft metal. By some accounts, a monster that had to be put down. By others, a victim of treachery, preserved because in the end you found another way. But you’ll always remember the truth won’t you? Your truth, at least.” – The Outsider

5. “I must get home to my collection of carved bones. Such pretty things, brought all the way from Pandyssia. How warm they feel in my hands — there’s power there. Something I could learn to harness. That’s why I’ve been trying to be a proper ‘lady’ again, with clean nails and a perfumed handkerchief. My physician says that if I’m still behaved by the end of Hearths, that they might send me home! So I smile and curtsy. And I ask for tea in the afternoon. Comb my hair. Drink my medicines. And I stopped trying to bite the attendants.” – excerpt from Vera Moray (aka Granny Rags)’s diary

4. “Mother and I saw the nastiest parts of Dunwall, ending up in debtors’ prison. Jessamine died quick on an assassin’s blade, but my mother lingered for weeks after a fat guard broke her jaw. They threw me out when she died. I looked up at the lights of Dunwall Tower and swore revenge. Washing bed sheets in a brothel, I painted on the side, until Anton Sokolov took me as a student; that’s the polite word for it. I was crafty even before the Outsider marked me, and survived the worst the Empire could offer. Now it’s your turn.” – Delilah Copperspoon to Emily Kaldwin through the Void

3. “Fifteen years ago, the assassin Daud could have warned you about her if you’d bothered to ask. But you were too busy for questions. Times have changed, Corvo, and you haven’t been watching the dark corners of the world. Maybe living in a palace has made you soft. What happens when you push a man farther than he ever thought he could go? Does he snap? And what happens when he tries to go home? Maybe you’ll finally learn what it feels like to kill an Empress. Daud could have told you about that, too.” – The Outsider

2. “You want me to point the way. Help you onto a path. No. Let us be lost here together for a moment.” – The Heart

1. Anton Sokolov: “At my age, I’ve come to distrust words like ‘deserve.’ As I’ve told you, I knew [Delilah] long ago. Badly wounded deep at her center, but cunning, and looking for a way to pull herself up. Perhaps more than anything, Delilah had a talent for imagining the world as a better place. If only that could have been channeled toward something less twisted.”
Emily Kaldwin: “It’s probably too late to dwell on regrets.”
Sokolov: “Everyone feels some regret. Atop a long line, mine is now chiefly that I’m out of time.”

What are some of your favorite quotes?

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