The Purge Cometh: Cleaning Up Start 2 Continue

The Purge Cometh: Cleaning Up Start 2 Continue


Hello, friends. I know, I know. It’s been a while since last we talked. Granted, that was only… what… four posts ago? But that was back in June four months ago. I’m garbage at this whole writing thing, eh? The silence isn’t from apathy, I promise. I’ve just been brainstorming how to implement this new website format I spoke of so many moons ago. “How do I make this work?” is a question I’ve asked myself almost nightly as I lay in bed, staring at my ceiling. “Wouldn’t it be easier to just give up on it and focus on my work that’s actually paying the bills?”

Well, sure, but then what do I do with myself when I’m not working and get that writing itch? After all, quitting’s easy. But if I were quitting, I wouldn’t spend the time to write all this out; the site only gets 200 views a day if that. If it disappeared, it’s highly unlikely most people would notice anyway (though that isn’t to discount those who would). And while that sad performance-related truth might bum other web admins out, I’m not too worried. You needn’t crash my pity party. In fact, I think I’ve found my answer to making Start 2 Continue actually work — but it’ll come at a price.

At present (and not including this post), there are 251 published posts on this site since its inception in 2013. Of those, only 13 have accumulated over 1,000 views in those four-and-some-change years. The average views per post clock in at about 479, though if that’s the qualification of average, only 19 are above that mark. That’s about 8% of all published posts. In case you’re wondering why I’ve been struggling with a bit of anxiety and second-guessing the quality of my work, these stats are a bitter pill to swallow. Sometimes to improve, it’s these admittedly painful instances that prompt the most growth. And so, I’ve decided to get rid of the other 92ish% of posts that are just dangling there, rotting. All of a sudden “The Purge” seems like a pretty apt name for this decision, eh?

Despite being around for four years, I admittedly knew nothing much about writing on the Internet. Sure, I vaguely knew about search engine optimization and which WordPress plugins to use. I could do some basic web design, tidying up templates and customizing them for my own purposes. But without the capital to invest in marketing or paid search results (I’ve been bootstrapping this puppy since the beginning), I wasn’t going to compete with anyone else in my niche which, for most of Start 2 Continue’s life was other game news outlets. But this isn’t a game news site anymore. So why hold on to all that old stuff? It’s only been serving as a distraction, keeping me from writing about what I want.

As I mentioned before, I still want to shift towards lifestyle topics: productivity, success, general adulting stuff but intermixed with a love of gaming. Whether that last part is talking about what I’m playing, my reactions, and interesting mechanics or storylines… or, conversely, how to apply the principles of gaming to your waking life so being an adult isn’t boring as shit… well, hopefully, neither will bore you.

I want to talk about game and mod design. I want to talk about technology. I want to talk about life, both our real, waking lives and the virtual ones we escape to. I just want to write and talk about the stuff I want to, not the stuff that I feel I need to for the sake of “good video game journalism” — which arguably, no longer exists. If I’m honest, I can’t even read a lot of the major outlets anymore as everything seems to be politicized or triggering. I play games to get away from that shit. I don’t want to drag myself — or, heaven forbid, you all — back into that quagmire of nonsense when the whole point is to relax and find just a modicum of happiness in this chaotic (and equally exciting) existence.

“But Metzge,” you might be thinking, “What about your day job? Obviously, that takes up a lot of your time. How are you going to keep up with this site too?” Worry not, friend. Though I love my job, I still have my nights and weekends. Sure, I’ll still play games, but for me, writing is actually *gasp* fun. It’s just more fun after cutting all this dead weight and with it, the burden of trying to build authority in a market that’s saturated af. Instead, I want to become synonymous with my brand; I want you to hang out with me and read stuff because you find my thoughts entertaining or insightful. Selfish, maybe… but boy do I feel so much better than trying to regurgitate news or review games all prim and proper-like.

Besides, it’s what I’ve learned and been doing in my primary job that’s prompted this paradigm shift. I know so much more about content creation, SEO, and social media marketing. I know I can do way better than 479 views a post over four years. Now, I’ve got a “how” in mind. Whether or not that yields tangible results… well… I guess we’ll see.

But there’s no shame in trying, right? It’s my money, my time, my energy. Better than just quitting. And you know, maybe one day Start 2 Continue might see its end after all. Until that happens, I still have a little bit of fight left in me.

Let’s see where this goes, eh? Come to think of it; all these new beginnings are adding up to more fingers I have on both hands. I guess we didn’t call it “Start 2 Continue” for nothing.

I’ll see you on the other side of the purge.

We got this.

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