Start 2 Continue is a gaming lifestyle website dedicated to… well, games and the culture of gamers. Starting as a general video game news site back in 2013, we soon got bored talking about games as products or trying to tell the same news story that the thousands of other outlets were regurgitating like a copy/pasted script. Instead, we’ve turned our focus on games as an experience — both in their play and creation — as well as how they affect the lives of those who interact with them.

While everything comes back to gaming, you’ll find we cover a wide variety of topics: technology, storytelling and lore, game design, modding, and other lifestyle topics that cover everything from politics and ethics to productivity, success, and happiness (lifehacks, as it were).

About the Editor

Hey, I’m Tony. As you could have guessed by the conveniently placed header, I’m the editor of this here’m website. A little about me: I’m a Midwestern transplant who’s found his own corner of the world in the glorious Pacific Northwest. In the midst of the mountains, forests, and the North American video game scene (at least on the West Coast), I spend my days on writing, photography, cooking, and music. Though Start 2 Continue isn’t the only outlet for my writing endeavors, it is the product of my passion to participate in the video game industry, hoping to build a community of people who simply love games and want to better themselves.

Raised by parents who were also gamers (my dad was a game designer and my mom was known to play a few board and card games), I didn’t have much of a chance. From strategy games to RPGs to first-person shooters, my love for games helped shape my reality. While most people live only one life, gamers have the possibility to live hundreds if not thousands of them. With all those cumulative lives, I’ve found tons of life lessons, derived from the masterly crafted stories of talented game designers and story writers brought to life by equally adept developers and software engineers.

A Gamified Lifestyle

So when I say “gaming lifestyle,” I don’t mean living the stereotype of dudebro shut-in who rarely sees the light of day. And though I understand the appeal to shutting oneself off from the real world (especially as someone who suffers from bouts of anxiety and depression), it’s my understanding of games that has helped motivate me to get up and do stuff.

For instance, instead of a to-do list, I have a sort of quest log, a makeshift HUD in the shape of a large whiteboard that hangs above my desk, keeping track of character attributes, skills I’m leveling up (like weight lifting, cooking, music, and building good habits), and my overall goals in the short- and long-term. I’m an avid believer that most people find boredom in their everyday routines which, in turn, leads to stagnation and, later, a lack of control and ownership for their lives. We were not built to just work 9-to-5 on autopilot and the weekends aren’t the only time we ought to be having fun living.

Now, what might work for me might not work for you, but at the very least, exposing ourselves to different perspectives and ways of living might spur new ideas. After all, innovation is the child of experimentation, recombining useful practices into new and interesting ways. My goal then is to help rediscover that same child-like amazement we once had; just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy games or even make use of them productively.

So what’s my purpose in sharing all this? I just want to help. I know of too many friends and family who’ve resigned themselves to the mundane, feeling powerless to change their situations. But as any good roleplaying game teaches us, every hero and heroine starts off at the bottom and, through perseverance, courage, and the experience they learn and companions they acquire along the way, they become their ideal selves. I hope that through sharing my gaming-oriented perspective on life, I might be able to help others do that very same thing.

Life’s what we make of it after all. If you’re shooting for the high score, might as well have fun doing it, right?