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'Rust' soon to add user generated items

News Feed

'Rust' soon to add user generated items

Tanner Colley

Facepunch has announced that their extremely successful survival simulator Rust will be receiving a new item creation kit for users to play with. What does this mean? User generated items will become a part of the game.

"Something we’ve wanted to explore for a while is the possibility of an internet-based item editor," lead developer Garry Newman states on the official webpage. "We want to get it in a position where anyone on the team can edit items. Then we want to open it up to the public – like TF2 did with hats. Obviously items submitted by the public wouldn’t automatically appear in game. We’ll be looking through them, you’ll be voting on them, we’ll be editing and accepting them and making sure it all works."

Now there will be new items added regularly, once it's released that is. Here's to Rust's community! Get ready to show your talent.

Source: Rust