We talk an awful lot about indie developers, modders, and other professionals within the video game industry. In order to better connect our readers with these talented people (and, perhaps, new start-ups with their more-established counterparts), we’re now compiling our very own “Directory of Independent Talent.”

Below you’ll be able to find the websites and press information of a number of independent studios with the list growing all the time. We’ll do our best to keep the directory updated, but we could use all the help we can get. That said, if you know of any popular mod developers, game designers, or indie studios–or maybe you have your own game you’d like to share–feel free to fill out the contact sheet below or e-mail us directly at contact[at]start2continue[dot]com.

Last update: January 12, 2016


Joshua Gossage

Website (LinkedIn) | Illinois, United States
Known for: Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn
Media/Style: pixel art


Antagonist Games

Website (Press Info) | Oslo, Norway
Known for: Through the Woods

BEAM Team Games

Website (Press Info) | Brisbane, Australia
Known for: Stranded Deep

Behold Studios

Website (Press Info) | Brasilia, Brazil
Known for: Chroma Squad; Knights of Pen & Paper

Blackpowder Games

Website (Press Info) | Seattle, WA, United States
Known for: Betrayer

Boomzap Entertainment

Website (Press Info) | Various (headquartered in Singapore; virtual office)
Known for: Legends of Callasia

Bossa Studios

Website | London, United Kingdom
Known for: I Am Bread, Worlds Adrift, Surgeon Simulator 2015

Capybara Games

Website | Toronto, ON, Canada
Known for: Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Chucklefish Games

Website (Press Info) | London, United Kingdom
Known for: Starbound

Cloud Imperium Games

Website (Press Info) | United States
Known for: Star Citizen

Forgotten Empires

Website (Press Info) | United States
Known for: Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms

Gaijin Entertainment

Website (Press Info) | Moscow, Russia
Known for: War Thunder


Website (Press Info) | Dublin, Ireland
Known for: Guild of Dungeoneering

Game Over

Website (Press Info) | Los Angeles, CA, United States
Known for: Failsafe

Gaslamp Games

Website (Press Info) | Vancouver, BC, Canada
Known for: Dungeons of Dredmor; Clockwork Empires

Great War Team

Website (Press Info) | Various
Known for: Battle of Empires: 1914-1918

Greenheart Games

Website (Press Info) | Various
Known for: Game Dev Tycoon

Gun Media

Website | Kentucky, United States
Known for: Friday the 13th: The Game; Breach & Clear

Heart Machine

Website (Press Info) | Los Angeles, CA, United States
Known for: Hyper Light Drifter

Hello Games

Website (Press Info) | N/A
Known for: No Man’s Sky


Website (Press Info) | Russia
Known for: Lords of Discord; Medieval War: Strategy & Tactics; Majesty

Hinterland Studio

Website (Press Info) | Cumberland, BC, Canada
Known for: The Long Dark

Krillbrite Studio

Website (Press Info) | Hamar, Norway
Known for: Among the Sleep

League of Geeks

Website (Press Info) | N/A
Known for: Armello

Logic Artists

Website | Copenhagen, Denmark
Known for: Clandestine; Expeditions: Conquistador


Website (Press Info) | Berlin, Germany
Known for: The Curious Expedition


Website (Press Info) | The Netherlands
Known for: Kingdom

Offworld Industries

Website (Press Info) | N/A
Known for: Squad, Project Reality

Overhype Studios

Website (Press Info) | Hamburg, Germany
Known for: Battle Brothers

Roberts Space Industries

Website (Press Info) | N/A
Known for: Star Citizen


Website (Press Info) | Hamelin, Germany
Known for: Halfway

SkyBox Labs

Website (Press Info) | Burnaby, BC, Canada
Known for: Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms

Strange Loop Games

Website  | Seattle, WA, United States
Known for: Eco; Sim Cell; Code Breakers

Team Meat

Website | N/A
Known for: Super Meat Boy

Tindalos Interactive

Website | Paris, France
Known for: Etherium

The Fun Pimps

Website | Dallas, TX, United States
Known for: 7 Days To Die

The Molasses Flood

Website (Press Info) | N/A
Known for: The Flame in the Flood

Triskell Interactive

Website [in French] | Lannion, France
Known for: Lethis – Path of Progress

Vertigo Gaming

Website (Press Info) | N/A
Known for: Cook, Serve, Delicious!


Website (Press Info) | Hilversum, The Netherlands
Known for: The Flock

Warhorse Studios

Website | Prague, Czech Republic
Known for: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Are you (or someone you know) an indie game developer? Maybe you know someone who made an awesome mod for your favorite game? Let us know and we’ll add ’em to our directory!