Mod Review: Battlefield 2 – Project Reality

Mod Review: Battlefield 2 – Project Reality


I didn’t think it was possible to risk developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from a video game, but Project Reality truly lives up to its name, bringing to life the battlefields of the modern world. Originally a package of tweaks for Battlefield 2, PR has grown into a complete overhaul of a game that’s almost a decade old. It adds over a dozen conventional forces such as the United States Army and USMC, British, French, and Canadian Armed Forces, as well as militia groups such as Hamas and African Resistance Fighters (like those in Somalia) and even insurgencies like the Taliban. Pit these groups on maps that span around two square kilometers (to scale, mind you), and you have the makings of interesting engagements. After all, nothing gets the blood rushing like a good, old fashioned fire fight.

Among these classes, you have the Officer kit that can set up emplacements like Fire Bases (FOBs), and field equipment like mortars or heavy machineguns. Once requisitioned, the rest of the squad can break out their entrenching tools and get to work.

The Breacher (my favorite kit) comes with the standard issue assault rifle, dependent on what faction you choose, a shotgun to shoot off door handles for easy access, a few timed C4 charges to blow open gates or destroy enemy supplies, and a grappling hook to scale walls and cliffs. Other kits include medics, snipers, spotters, designated marksmen, AT and AA troops and pilots.

Mod Review: Battlefield 2 - Project Reality

Assets such as vehicles and supplies are limited, and so some squads are tasked with the care and use of these vehicles. It isn’t unheard of that a crew of three or four guys volunteers to fly the team’s Chinook and ferry other squads to and from the main base.

This mod is packed with 6 GB of extra goodies and having been a fan of Battlefield 2 back in its hayday, it’s good to see something breathe new life into one of my favorite games after so long. But the facet that really makes PR shine is its community.

Because the mod focuses on realism and tactics and due to the relatively small size of its player base (in comparison to other, popular full games), the community understands that this isn’t a game that’s meant for lone wolves. In fact, if you’re used to Call of Duty or are a casual FPS gamer, you might not find this mod very fun since it demands that you work with other people and that, on your own, you’re pretty vulnerable when you’re surrounded by enemies.

Mod Review: Battlefield 2 - Project Reality

However, due to the mutual sense of fear of an enemy ambush, you can bet the friendly next to you is truly friendly. People are willing to help you for the betterment of your team and that’s something that’s thoroughly refreshing, given the mass amounts of immaturity that plague the modern FPS.

The sad thing about PR though is that it only has a couple of servers that have reasonable amounts of people. Most of them have a cap of 100, but they’re usually filled up at peak times. I’ve made it a personal goal to do what I can to help grow this community and thus, help rectify this problem. Bottom line: more people need to try out this game and given how popular Battlefield 2 was, all it takes is a little dusting off and a good web connection to download Project Reality. And trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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