Counterpoint: Fox thinks ‘GTA V’ makes people more violent? Please

Counterpoint: Fox thinks ‘GTA V’ makes people more violent? Please


I’ve been a gamer all my life. As I’ve mentioned numerous times, my father was a game designer so I grew up with a computer and a library of games that maybe, at my age, I shouldn’t be playing. Hell, my father would sit me on his lap playing Doom  when I was two or three. Never in my life, despite all the violent video games that I’ve played or witnessed, did I want to go on some crazy rampage. It’s articles like Fox’s that say how games like Grand Theft Auto V  turn people into psychotic killers that make me want to vomit. GTA V has about as much likelihood of turning young men into killers as Fox News has in turning its viewers into informed, intelligent people – not very.

“What do the mass shooters from the Navy Yard, Sandy Hook Elementary, the Aurora, Colorado movie theater and Columbine all have in common?” the article begins. “They’re all target demographic buyers for the world’s best-selling videogame. A game that released the day after the Navy Yard shooting and made $800 million in its first 24 hours on the market.” Hold on just a second there.. a game that released the day after the Navy Yard shooting . .. after. Wait so.. Grand Theft Auto V  had already got people on killing sprees BEFORE  it even came out? Hmm.. Interesting.

“Like other best-selling games today, Grand Theft Auto V trains millions of young Americans to walk into public places and shoot innocent people.” I don’t think that’s a very accurate assessment either. I mean, EA Sports games don’t turn people into pro athletes.. Cooking Mama doesn’t turn people into star chefs.. and SimCity doesn’t turn people into city planners. So why does Grand Theft Auto V turn people into killers?

We’re really going to blame video games on culprits behind the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings? We’re just going to ignore the lack of sanity these morons exhibited in the act of killing those people, that they’re actually mentally ill? I mean, last I checked, video games don’t cause mental illness. That and America’s gun laws are so lax that crazy people can just purchase a weapon and call ‘er good pretty quickly and easily.

I mean, Hitler was a painter–does that mean all painters are going to go off to commit genocide? No. There’s potential, sure, but there’s potential for anyone to do anything. Video games don’t change that, unless you’re impressionable, stupid, and mentally unstable to begin with. If you honestly think it’s okay to get in a car and mow down pedestrians, you didn’t need GTA  to give you the green light.

“Nations have long had heroes for their young men to emulate, from Achilles in ancient Greece to John Wayne and Superman in America. Now, the best-selling pastime for many young men in America does not even have the option of being a good guy.” Never in my life did I ever want to emulate Achilles or John Wayne or Superman.. or Franklin, Michael, or Trevor from GTA V  for that matter. But the writer thinks that teenagers and 20-somethings are unable to separate the game from reality.

“Wealthy game developers argue that this is a fantasy world for mature adults who can separate reality from fiction. But those who sell and profit from these games know their hundreds of millions in sales dollars are mostly coming from young adults and minors.” Well, no.. the game is rated M, meaning you’ve got to be at least 17 to purchase it on your own or with your parents’ blessing. That said, given how Fox is always on about how the government should leave people alone and less intrusive, if a parent thinks its alright for their 15-year-old son to play a game like this, wouldn’t that then be contradictory to the whole “libertarian” stance Fox attempts to exude in its broadcasting?  Or now are we going to blame poor parenting?

Like I said, video games don’t make psychotic killers. Psychosis and other mental illnesses make psychotic killers. Clearly it was a slow news day for Fox.

Source: Fox News

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