Russia encourages game studios to produce patriotic games

Russia encourages game studios to produce patriotic games



Россия – любимая наша страна! In recent news, the Russian government announced its plans to produce patriotic video games, and imposing a possible ban on imported games that depict Russia in a malevolent manner.

Arseny Mironov, and aide to the Russian culture minister, Vladimir Medinsky, expressed to Izvestiya a Russian daily paper, “The main thing we expect from the producers of video games is the realistic and historically truthful representation of events.” This all comes close to the latest trouble that Company of Heroes 2 experienced in Russia, said to have poorly portrayed Russian soldiers based on stereotypes. Mironov continues to state that “A video game has to have not only an entertainment value, but it also has to teach and be conducive to patriotic education.”  

Vladimir Kozlov of The Hollywood Reporter states that the government plans to introduce grants towards the development of patriotic video games by Russian developers.

The culture ministry had also stated that imported video games that discredit Russian soldiers or distort historical facts may be banned. 

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