Humble Bundle money brings water to Ethiopia

Humble Bundle money brings water to Ethiopia


For those who know about the Humble Bundle, it’s not just about the cheap indie games, but the charity that the proceeds from buying those games go to. Not just the developers, but philanthropies that strive to improve lives for other people all over the world. charity: water, one such philanthropy funded in part by Humble Bundle, is pleased to announce that because of the initiative, they’ve been able to bring clean water to Ethiopia, allowing thousands to drink freely of something we in America and other places take for granted.

According to the Humble Bundle blog:

“The Humble Bundle Mojam saw 81,457 Humble Bundle customers contribute a total of $121,780 towards charity: water. 100% of this money was used to fund water projects with charity: water’s partner Water Aid in Ethiopia.

“Ethiopia is a country in east Africa where more than half the population of 91 million people lack access to clean water. Ethiopia is a beautiful country with a deep history: it is one of the oldest locations of human life known to scientists and was the birthplace of coffee.

“The impact of this contribution was huge as the contributions from all of you helped (alongside other donors) fund six different water points: three tap stands, two new drilled wells and a rehabilitated drilled well. These projects now serve more than 3,000 people every day with clean water.”

Now that’s what this writer calls making a difference. If you’re interested in charity: water or Water Aid in Ethiopia, feel free to click the links and let us know what you think about this one story in Humble Bundle’s chronicles of changing the world through a love of games and helping our fellow humans.

SourceHumble Bundle (via Kotaku)

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