Philip Scholz, Nvidia marketing manager, killed by train while saving man

Philip Scholz, Nvidia marketing manager, killed by train while saving man


In a “knee-jerk, no hesitation” reaction, Nvidia marketing manager Philip Scholz pulled a man off the tracks of the Santa Clara Caltrain Station in California, though was killed in the process earlier last week.

On January 20th, Scholz, 35, attempted to rescue a man as he waited for his train home that evening. The man’s identity and reasons why he was on the tracks that day remain undisclosed while he lay in critical condition.

“As the train approached, the person did want to get out of the way,” his wife Emily Scholz told San Jose Mercury News, “but between him and Phil, something happened and they were hit.” According to the report and numerous interviews with Scholz’s friends, his sacrifice was consistent with his daily character.

“That’s totally Phil,” said Matt Conwell, a professional friend from Portland, Oregon, “putting someone else before himself. That’s the way he was. I can only hope to live life like he did.” Nvidia co-founder Chris Malachowsky’s sentiments echo Conwell’s.

“He was confident, aggressive, capable, I could see that without a moment’s hesitation, he’s going to act,” Malachowsky said. “I’m sure his knee-jerk, no hesitation to help someone else is what caused this–he goes down as a hero in my book.”

Our thoughts go out to Nvidia and the family and friends of Philip Scholz. May his heroism and willingness to help others inspire other acts of kindness and selflessness.

Source: San Jose Mercury News (via Gamespot)

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