Start2Kickstarter: ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’

Start2Kickstarter: ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’


What if I told you there’s a game in development that takes “the freedom and mechanics of Skyrim, the setting of Mount & Blade, the storytelling styles of The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption, and the tough combat dynamics of Dark Souls” and stitches them together into a game rooted in 15th century Europe? Hard to believe, right? WRONG. Warhorse Studios out of Prague has taken to Kickstarter with their current project Kingdom Come: Deliverance and boy, does it look sweet.

You needn’t worry about it’s funding though. At the time of writing, it’s already more than doubled its goal of  £300,000 with ten days left to go. Three stretch goals have already been achieved including live in-game music, a symphonic orchestra for cutscenes, and playable female characters with even more in the works! Enough of my yammering though; you probably want to know what this game is about.

Start2Kickstarter: 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance'

Well, it’s a non-linear, first-person RPG that puts you in the early 1400s as the son (or daughter) who tries to honor their father’s last wishes by getting to the bottom of royal conspiracies and bloody conflict. How you go about doing this is entirely up to you. You’re given three starting classes (knight, rogue, or bard), but those are just foundations for you to start out with. You are able to develop skills, abilities, and stats freely, allowing each player to create their own unique character.

Work alone or with an army at your back and throw yourself in the midst of battle, fighting from a first-person perspective. If that’s not enough, the game is rendered in the glorious Cryengine for unparalleled beauty and realism.

Start2Kickstarter: 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance'

Here’s some of the game’s listed features from Warhorse’s official Kickstarter:

  • Non-linear story lets you choose between being a villain or a savior. Every quest can be solved in multiple ways.
  • A revolutionary combat system based on inverse kinematics, the only one of its kind to offer a rich, authentic yet easy-to-control, first-person melee experience. Based on actual 15th century fighting techniques and designed in cooperation with medieval martial arts experts.
  • Improve your character. Different play styles – warrior, rogue or bard – can be mixed and matched as you see fit. You can develop your skills, earn new perks, and fine-tune your equipment.
  • Large realistic, medieval-themed, open world landscape covering 3.5 square miles and 30 hours of gameplay (in first act, out of 3 total).
  • Lead the charge in enormous, open field battles and sieges. You are no superhero. If you’re going to take on an army of enemies, you better find one of your own to back you up.
  • Take a trip through the Middle Ages: Traverse sprawling cities, magnificent castles, towering, dark forests, and muck-strewn villages.
  • Discover this huge world from horseback or on foot. If you can see it, you can visit it.
  • A dynamic world comes alive. Every inhabitant plays a role in their communities, and as night follows day, you can watch people work, help them when needed, or try to interfere in their routine and see what happens.
  • Build relationships with characters, become a criminal or a local hero, seduce local women, threaten your enemies or pardon vanquished opponents.
  • Create your own weapons, cook, brew up potions, or dig around for silver. All crafting occurs in-game, using clever mini-games, rather than boring, soulless menus.

Though Warhorse might be a new name, the young studio is filled with roughly 30 industry veterans, some of which who’ve worked on the Mafia series, ArmAOperation FlashpointCrysis 3, and Forza Horizon, so you can rest assured these guys know what they’re doing. And given the ambitiousness of their project and the rousing support they’ve received, this game’s only going to get better as development progresses.

Can’t wait? Neither can I, but (understandably) the wait is indeed a long one. Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s current release date is slated for Q4 2015 on PC, Mac, and Linux. Xbox One and PS4 releases are planned, but publishing is pending approval by the platform holders.

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