EA explains ‘Battlefield 4,’ ‘SimCity’ issues: “When you push innovation, you miss other things”

EA explains ‘Battlefield 4,’ ‘SimCity’ issues: “When you push innovation, you miss other things”


Despite both Battlefield 4 and SimCity being out for a while, Electronic Arts apparently still feels the need to defend itself from criticism due to the terrible launches of both products. However, this latest appeal to the Internet had me scratching my head as EA CEO Andrew Wilson responded with this little gem: “Building games is very hard… when you push innovation, you miss other things.” I just… I can’t even.

Now, if you’re new to Start 2 Continue, it won’t take you very long to realize that I’m not a fan of EA. At all. I actively boycott their games and oppose most of their business practices–namely absorbing smaller companies who make great games, stripping them of their talent, and turning those franchises into crap. Don’t believe me? Look at how both the Battlefield and SimCity franchises have fared since EA started getting its hands into DICE and Maxis respectively.

Though Wilson goes on to say that EA has “changed [their] process,” he doesn’t elaborate on how. My guess? He probably doesn’t know how they’ve changed most likely because they haven’t at all. After all, despite EA saying they’ll do better next time (I’m looking at you, Mass Effect 3), they consistently make the same mistakes. And of course making video games is hard. If that were the case, everyone would be doing it and making boatloads of money. But that’s no excuse for shoddy work and support for your product.

Hell, making wood furniture by hand is hard but that doesn’t stop the Amish from making beautiful chairs, tables, and other wooden things for your home. There’s passion and love and care for the products they’re making, and they build them to last. That isn’t to say the developers that make EA’s games are without passion as I doubt any artist creates without some emotional investment in what they’re making. But let’s be honest here, silence is consent. And we, as consumers, should stop consenting to this kind of bullshit, for lack of a better term.

Source: GameSpot

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