Start2Kickstarter: ‘The Seed’

Start2Kickstarter: ‘The Seed’


From the makers of the Misery mod for STALKER: Call of Pripyat comes an interesting new graphic novel-esque video game called The Seed. Well, it would be on its way provided Misery Development Ltd. gets the £15,000 it’s looking for on their official Kickstarter page. Akin to its inspiration, you play as a Russian protagonist who has finally stepped out of his shelter to find a new world ravaged from nuclear war. In this 2D interactive novel, you’ll be fighting not only for your physical survival as you try to piece everything together, but your humanity as well.

The developers consider The Seed to be much like “the classic genre of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game books.” They promise you the ability to make choices that affect a widely branching plot that’ll shape the world around you and the events and people in it.

“Playing our game you’ll first and foremost have the impression that you’re reading an engrossing book, with lifelike characters, plausible story, complex lore, and all other characteristics that define a solid reading experience. However, there will be a multitude of factors influencing your sensory perception like background ambience and dynamic illustrations. Moreover, every chapter will feature a unique concept artwork and you will also have a map and access to your inventory. The story will present you with moral dilemmas which you’ll be required to resolve based on your gear, social standing, health, location, and survival situation. All in all, it’s a new dimension of reading and a new type of book.”

As a fan of adventure games myself (such as The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead), this is an interesting take on the genre, focusing more on a book-like format than an interactive show or movie. The Seed will be running on the Construct 2 engine that “will track and analyze [player] decisions,” as well as a HEXACO-based personality reflection/design to gauge player psychology.

Start2Kickstarter: 'The Seed'

For more information, check out Misery Dev’s official Kickstarter page. You’ve got four weeks to pitch in and they’re already at £1,885 at the time of writing. So a little over 10%.

Tell us what you think about The Seed and Eastern European post-apocalyptic scenarios in the comments below!

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