5 Reasons Why You Keep Dying in Battlefield 4

5 Reasons Why You Keep Dying in Battlefield 4


Normally, I like to think I’m pretty good at first person shooters. I rock at ArmA 3 and I can hold my own in PAYDAY 2 and Contagion, but for some reason I keep getting ganked in Battlefield 4. “Surely, I just suck,” I often think to myself, sulking as some hapless 14-year-old consistently nails me in the head with his tricked out QBZ-95-1. However, it’s accurate to say that Battlefield 4 takes some time getting used to and if you haven’t played a fast-paced multiplayer game like this in a while, you certainly have a gauntlet ahead of you before your K/D ratio is positive.

Upon some reflection (and a few instances of rage), here are five plausible reasons why you keep dying in Battlefield 4.

1. You’re New

Like I said, give me a sniper rifle in ArmA 3 and I can cover your happy ass from 400 meters away, no problem. Give me a CS-LR4 as a level 1 player in Battlefield 4 and I could probably just barely shoot myself out of a paper bag. If it’s been a while since you last played a Battlefield or even Call of Duty game, you’ll be quickly reminded that, unless you’re playing on hardcore mode, your bullets often seem like cotton balls against the armored chest of your opponent.

To make matters worse, everyone else seems to have better kits than you. Well no, it doesn’t seem like it. They definitely do because they’ve been around since launch and you finally decided to get the game. So while you’re stuck with the most basic weapons, they have fully customized assault rifles, boosts, and other equipment that you didn’t even know were actually choices.

Fear not. Though personally I don’t agree with the philosophy of being broken down to be built up later, it’s through this hazing that forges the most brutal and angry of conquerors out of otherwise pale, socially isolated teenagers and college students. There will come a time where you’re not the lowest man (or woman) on the totem pole and you’ll welcome the newcomers with open arms and suppressing fire.

2. You Get Stuck On Stuff

I can appreciate Battlefield 4‘s effort to provide a realistic combat experience. The Frostbite engine makes battles come alive with smoke and debris filling the air and streets respectively. Entire buildings can be taken down, levies broken open to flood maps, and coastal storms heaving up broken ships onto the shore. “Levolution” as it’s called, is the way of the future, however not all new things are necessarily the best.

Often, I find that I accidentally expose myself when I’m laying down next to walls. If I turn in such a way where my feet threaten to clip through the wall behind me (something older games happily allow), my avatar scooches forward, just enough so that I expose his fat head which promptly gets blown away by the very sniper I’m trying to hide from.

It’s not just that though: sometimes I’ll be prone with a rifle of my own in an engagement a little too close for comfort with a scope. Sure, I have canted sights so I can pop the next guy who gets up in my personal space, but I also have a bipod that’s all too eager to set itself up on every imaginable surface. It’s nice to have stability, sure, but it’s a pain in the ass when you’re trying to shoot and scoot and don’t intend to set the bipod up in the first place.

So a word of advice, kids: don’t use a bipod on your gun unless you intend on being in a defensible position (as a machinegunner) or you’re far enough away that you don’t have to move quickly to better cover (as a sniper).

3. You Don’t Cover Your Ass

On the topic of defensible positions, with the fast-paced nature of Battlefield 4 along with its ever-changing landscape, finding good places to hole up are slim pickings, especially if you drop in mid-match. All too often, I’ll pick a spot and camp for a while (I’m a sniper at heart, don’t judge me), only to find that some random Joe blew a hole in the wall behind me to cartwheel through and stab me in the back with a bayonet.

Sure, if you’re a more experienced player, you can play the role of the lone wolf pretty well, but for most classes, sticking with your five-man squad is probably for the benefit of all. Having to move quickly and constantly adjust to your surroundings is a lot easier knowing you have someone covering your back (even if they’re not always the most capable). And if you have to set down for a while because you found a great sniping spot, at least set down a motion detector so you know where the enemies are mincing about.

4. Your Computer Can’t Handle It

A soldier can train his entire life, but if his hardware isn’t up to snuff, all that experience goes to waste. Much like the majestic Samurai of yesteryear, swords are often no match for Gatling guns. So too does this lesson ring true for those without computers that can handle the awesomeness that is Battlefield 4.

Plain and simple, you can’t shoot someone when they’re rubberbanding in front of you. Whether it’s due to your graphics card, memory, or you just have a crappy ISP, you’re in need of a few upgrades. Though costly, a new card or a better data package goes a long way when it comes to gaming, not just in Battlefield 4. Besides, think about all the other games you can play on Ultra settings? It’s a nice thought, isn’t it? If only we were made of money, right?

5. You Didn’t Go All The Way

Finally, nothing is more frustrating than finding yourself in a shoot-out and losing, only to see that your nemesis had a sliver of health left. Maybe he got the drop on you, maybe he had a higher caliber weapon, or maybe you just ended up silhouetting him, making a nice bullet hole outline of his person on the wall behind him.

I’ve noticed that by aiming for the upper chest, it will help compensate your opponent’s rapid movement, and provided you’re precise, you can nail him in the head, throat, or chest with decent likelihood. I’ve also made the mistake of standing still while doing this, giving my target an easy opportunity to plug me in the face but hey, learn from my mistakes and lack of leg movement.

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