Aeipathy Industries resurrects ‘A Link to the Past’ in new animated series


A little under two decades ago, I picked up my first controller and played my first game, which was none other than The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Though I no longer have my SNES or A Link to the Past, I still credit the game with being the start of my love for gaming. And while I keep up with fansites and other Legend of Zelda, I was pleased to read that apparently someone’s making an animated series based on the game–and it’s not half bad. Actually, it’s pretty impressive.

Entitled Zeldamotion: A Link to the Past, this series is currently under production by Aeipathy Industries, an Arizona-based studio that works on both in-house and freelance projects. Now initially when I heard about Zeldamotion, I was a little skeptical; this wasn’t the first time I’ve heard about fanmade animated series that try to retell A Link to the Past. But in the first eight-minute episode, I was instantly hooked, craving more.

I could go on and on about how awesome it is, but I’ll just let you all see for yourselves:

Source: Zelda Universe

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