Gaslamp teases ‘Clockwork Empires’ upcoming faction system, diplomacy, AI improvements


It’s been over a year since last we talked about Gaslamp’s upcoming imperialistic colonization simulator Clockwork Empires and we’re happy to report that they’ve come quite a long way since then. Now that this Early Access title is filling out some, the ambitious developers are now working on improving AI functionality, especially when it comes to NPC factions and diplomacy. But with NPC factions come NPC goals… and you know what needy NPCs mean… (it’s missions).

From their latest “State of the Empire” post:

Faction missions are a mechanism by which non-player faction groups control collections of individual agents. There’s an active component to this in which an agent who is otherwise idle requests a task from its group. Upon receiving a “give me a job” request, the group will assign a task appropriate to the groups mission, the most common of which is to “walk to this given position” or “walk off the map”. The passive component is in how the group toggles various flags to control what set of jobs a member agent will consider carrying out in reaction to various situations (and how, in turn, your colonists will  react to them).

For example if an allied foreign military unit patrols by your settlement, it’s possible for one of your colonists to strike up a conversation with one of the soldiers. If a Deathwurm leaps out of the foliage to eat your colonist, the allied soldier will help shoot it. Now if that foreign military unit is hostile, then your people will flee, your soldiers will attack, and the foreign troops will fight back.

Yes, you read correctly: Her Majesty’s Empire isn’t the only colonial power in existence vying for control of these new lands. You’ll have to hold on to your powder cartridges and rifles, though; these features and more will be released in the new experimental build of Clockwork Empires (ala version 39A), which is still TBA. In the meantime, you can peruse Gaslamp’s original post and sharpen your bayonets pensively.

Source: Gaslamp Games

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