Paradox takes to the stars with ‘Stellaris’


If it’s two things Paradox is good at, it’s developing and publishing awesome history-themed games (such as Europa UniversalisHearts of Iron, Crusader Kings and Victoria, as well as publishing TaleWorlds’ Mount & Blade franchise until recently) and the art of grand strategy–that is, the blend of real-time and turn-based elements to create super in-depth yet reasonably-paced strategy game. However, they’ve announced that in their next title Stellaris, they’re departing Earth in favor of the vast vacuum of space.

Looking sort of like a cross between Sins of a Solar Empire and Endless SpaceStellaris looks like it might prove to be one of Paradox’s most ambitious challenges yet. From their official newsletter sent out earlier this morning:

We at Paradox are happy to introduce our latest project, where we will take Grand Strategy to the next level. Revealed at our Fan Gathering earlier this month during Gamescom, we officially announced Stellaris — a pausable real-time strategy game where you explore and build an empire in a vast galaxy teeming with friendly and not-so-friendly alien species.

No two galaxies are the same! Stellaris is a grand strategy game with the depth and emergent storytelling you’ve come to expect from Paradox Development Studio. Send your science ships out to research anomalies and ancient ruins! Discover vibrant young civilizations like your own, as well as decadent fallen empires. Develop dangerous new technologies to help you overcome your opponents, but take care not to disrupt your entire way of life! Will you conquer and enslave your enemies or convince them to join you in a democratic Federation?

Between Hearts of Iron IV and Stellaris from Paradox (and the looming behemoth that is Fallout 4 from Bethesda), while they might encourage their players to colonize and monopolize their factions, developers nowadays seem to be monopolizing my heart… and wallet.

Luckily for the latter, the release for Stellaris is still TBD. In the meantime, feel free to check out their official website, along with this neat trailer.

Source: Paradox Interactive | YouTube

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