The Kingdom of ‘Armello’ Needs You!

The Kingdom of ‘Armello’ Needs You!


If the late-Middle Ages and anthropomorphic characters are your thing, you need not look further. League of Geeks’ Armello, hailed as “Cuddly Game of Thrones,” has hit Steam’s digital shelves earlier this week and I couldn’t be more excited. Though I’ll have to say, GoT wasn’t the first comparison that came to mind–anyone who read Redwall back in the day knows what’s up.

In the form of a digital tabletop game, you and three other players from one of the four clans (Wolf, Rat, Bear, and Rabbit) find themselves at the cusp of greatness (or utter failure). The King is ill with a mysterious plague, leaving the fate of Armello uncertain. It’s up to you to then to shape its course, whether by curing the King or usurping his throne, one way or another.

While playing with the AI is fun on its own, the game takes an entirely new twist with human players. Forge alliances, set traps, cast spells, and plan ambushes. The choice is ultimately yours. Just be careful of who you turn your back to… or on.

If you’re interested, feel free to snag a copy on Steam (USD $19.99) and join the fray!

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