‘Age of Mythology’ set to get new expansion

‘Age of Mythology’ set to get new expansion


Over the past few years we have seen plenty of re-released or re-mastered games, breathing new life into some of our nostalgic favorites. Something that came as a thoroughly surprising announcement however, was brand new additional content for a game that was initially released 13 years ago!

Age of Mythology, originally released in 2002, got some love with an extended edition released last year. This edition (which includes the base game, The Titans expansion, and an extra campaign) brought along new features to cater to current gaming trends, such as Twitch integration, as well as adding the use of Steamworks to bring trading cards, achievements, and a workshop mod manager into the game. Prior to the extended edition, the only expansion was The Titans released in 2003.

Anyone expecting a new expansion must have sat patiently at their keyboards feeling like Penelope waiting for Odysseus to return home. The good news has finally arrived that he is back and brought with him the gift of additional content. Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon earlier this month, though without much in the way of details except that it’s being developed by studios Forgotten Empires and Skybox Labs. And that it’s probably going to take place in China.

According to their official announcement, Forgotten Empires will be holding a Twitch live stream this Friday, October 2nd ([UPDATE – 10/1/15]: 1:30p CST) to go over the details directly! If you’re interested in tuning in, check them out via www.twitch.tv/ageofempires.

Age of Empires: The African Kingdoms


Forgotten Empires has been busy lately, it would seem, as they’ve also been working on a new expansion for Age of Empires named The African Kingdoms, introducing for the first time some civilizations hailing from the African continent.

In their latest post, they reflect on what they’ve learned from their earlier expansion Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten specifically with campaign creation:

“After seven campaigns, we have a lot of feedback to go by and we even adjusted our design style during the development of The Forgotten… The most loved campaigns are the ones that are open, to leave a lot of room to build and offer various tactical options to destroy your enemy. So called ‘fixed force’ scenarios where you lead a limited army through various quests are less popular but still a quintessential part of each campaign of Age of Empires II HD.”

The post goes on to tease the first campaign featuring the Mali Empire and its founder Sundiata Keita, the “King of Kings” as it were.

However, much like Tale of the Dragon, we’re left to wonder the release date for The African Kingdoms for the time being.

Sources: Forgotten Empires (Dev Blog)

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