‘Xenonauts’ invades Mac, Linux with native builds, better stability

‘Xenonauts’ invades Mac, Linux with native builds, better stability


For Mac and Linux owners who already own Xenonauts, you might be a little confused as to why this might be news–you’ve already been able to play Goldhawk Interactive‘s strategic aliens versus humanity game for a while now. However, as Goldhawk seeks to improve its game, they’ve opted producing actual native Mac and Linux ports rather than relying on a “WINE-wrapped Windows version.”

According to their official post on their Steam page this morning, these builds are available for Steam users:

Xenonauts now has native Mac and Linux ports available rather than the WINE-wrapped Windows version that we previously used as ‘ports’ for these platforms. These have been produced by a porter who works with the Humble Bundle team and are not directly being produced by us.

“This is obviously great news and we’ve just made these versions available on Steam (the WINE builds are available in the Legacy branch). Unfortunately, these ports are still a work in progress and the porter is still busily working on making them fully stable.”

For the non-tech-language gamers, essentially what this should mean is that versions of Xenonauts for Linux and Mac should be even better and more stable as time goes on, having moved closer to true native builds rather than ports reliant on programs like WINE that duplicate Windows functions that a non-Windows system can understand and interact with.

TL;DR: less bugs means happier gamers.

If you haven’t already, you can pick up your own copy of Xenonauts on Steam or GOG for $24.99 USD, perfect in case you’ve gotten a bit bored replaying XCOM: Enemy Unknown over and over again, waiting for XCOM 2 to come out.


(…wait… wrong game…)

Source: Goldhawk Interactive (via Steam)

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