EA announces ‘Battlefield 4’ Community Ops release for Fall 2015

EA announces ‘Battlefield 4’ Community Ops release for Fall 2015


Ahh, the changing of the seasons. Aside from colder weather, the leaves changing colors, and pumpkin spice everything, the autumn solstice brings a cornucopia of new games, updates, and content. Among the developers laboring away before the holiday season, EA is happy to announce that its new free DLC pack Battlefield 4 Community Operations will be available soon!

As the name suggests, Community Ops is the product of collaboration between the Battlefield 4 development team and community programmers in what was called the Community Map Project.

Featured in the DLC pack is Operation Outbreak; taking place in an ancient river valley in what looks to be Southeast Asia, you fight your way across a medical research complex, temple ruins, and thick jungles. According to the official announcement, the valley is “infantry-focused with limited access, making the use of agile vehicles critical for success,” which, between you and me, will be most welcomed.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten mowed down by an angry APC.

Of course, the devs tease us in that we’ll hear more “in the coming weeks,” but you can always check out this playtest of Operation Outbreak in the meantime… or hone up on your not-dying skills.

Sources: Battlelog | YouTube

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