‘Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2’ announced for 2016 release, promises more everything

‘Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2’ announced for 2016 release, promises more everything


Remember way back when, when I first wrote about Cook, Serve, Delicious! despite that I lived the game while working in food service at the same time? Well, Vertigo Gaming is offering up a second helping come next year aptly named Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2, though even more aptly tag-lined: intense hardcore restaurant simulation.


Much like its predecessor, CSD!2 has you starting out at the bottom rung of the food industry with dreams of attaining those five shiny stars, but if trying to run a restaurant all by yourself during a busy lunch rush wasn’t stressful enough, you get to take over shifts in restaurants in other parts of the office tower (the setting of the series), star in a reality cooking show, and take part in international tournaments.

Coupled with a reveal trailer (below) that has given me increasingly confused feelings about food, CSD!2 is looking to be bigger and more intense than ever, coming both to Steam and now PlayStation 4.

“Everything is new in this game,” Vertigo‘s latest post exclaims, “from the art by Camille Kuo, to the music by Jonathan Geer, to the large amount of game content, with over 180 foods, 1,000+ recipes, tons of unlockables and events, and dozens of hours of gameplay.”

While the developers describe the game’s pace as “breakneck,” Cook, Serve, Delicious is certainly an addictive game that has you preparing multiple meals at once, but also includes strategy elements like buying better equipment and recipe cards to streamline production. The stress almost becomes addictive, though if only I could’ve translate that to my time slingin’ sandwiches for $7.00 an hour.

Most assuredly, when CSD!2 arrives in 2016, it’ll be worth a lot more than minimum wage and the scorn of regular customers who, despite having 101 complaints, keep coming back.

If only Vertigo could make real life restauranting as fantastic.

Source: Vertigo Gaming (via Steam)

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