‘The Curious Expedition’ updated to Alpha 18, includes “procedural natives”


Remember what I said about The Curious Expedition updating all the time? Not but a day after my preview, they’ve upgraded to Alpha 18 and adding a slew of new features, namely… procedural natives, whatever that means.

To save you the dread of picking through a change log (unless you’re like me and really enjoy reading them), the TL;DR on this update revolves around fleshing out a lot of the existing features, from tweaking treasure amounts, drops, and adding new treasures entirely; to adding new perks and statuses that affect you and your party; a loyalty system to better manage the relationships within aforementioned party; and, most noteably, the addition of procedurally generated native tribes, giving the game a bit more variance in the NPC department.

For those of you who are wondering what that means exactly, Riad Djemili and Johannes Kristmann, the co-founders of The Curious Expedition‘s developer Maschinen-Mensch, have taken the time to further extrapolate in their latest video (posted below):

“Before we had fixed portraits or sprites for the natives, but now we’re generating them randomly, so whenever you go to a new world, there’s a certain tribe (that’s randomly generated) that’s unique to that world and that makes all the native people there look unique, but also follow the same pattern.”

Eventually, the duo and their team hope to create tribes and a familiarity between its members, rather than using the same placeholder images they had, featuring the same native people, regardless of where your journey took you. The portraits also mirror the in-game unit sprites as well, matching clothing, warpaint, and jewelry pretty accurately.

For more on Alpha 18 and its features, check out the full change log on Maschinen-Mensch‘s developer blogThe Curious Expedition, which was released on Steam Early Access earlier this past May, and is currently retailing at $14.99 USD.

Sources: Maschinen-Mensch (via Steam) | YouTube

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