Xbox Elite Controller customization details announced


Microsoft has released the long-sought-after details about the customization capabilities of their new controller. The aptly-named Xbox Elite Controller will launch on October 27 at a whopping $150 USD, but for that price point, you can have a controller uniquely your own.

Features for the controller include both the ability to swap out some of the physical inputs on the controller itself as well as a new app that will allow you to remap the controller’s button scheme to better work with your playstyle in different games.

Some of the physical changes that can be made to the controller are two choices of directional pads (faceted or standard), three different styles of thumbsticks (tall, domed, or standard), and four interchangeable paddles for the back of the controller (two long and two short). Each of the rear triggers also have a switch to set whether or not you would like it to act as a regular trigger or a hair trigger, which especially helpful in a shooting situation to pull the in-game trigger even faster than before.

While that’s just scratching the surface, Microsoft’s Xbox team does a great job explaining it in the video below:

The Xbox Elite Controller is a really cool step in console gaming, by having a customizable input accessory from the first-party company themselves. Not to mention it’s also Windows 10 compatible to play your favorite PC games without your mouse and keyboard.

Once October 27 rolls around we will see its true potential when in the hands of the games. But while the hype is high, it’ll be interesting to see how fans react to the $150 price point; hopefully as this trends become common place, it’ll drive the price down to be more affordable.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube)

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