PlayStation 4 drops its price today!

PlayStation 4 drops its price today!


Earlier this week we heard the possibility of a PlayStation 4 price drop from an ad that Target put out; they then covered their tracks by telling us that the bundles will still be $399.99 but come with a $50 Target gift card. But the news did in fact come out yesterday from the official PlayStation blog that there will be a $50 price drop to their flagship system effective today!

The PS4 has been $399.99 USD ever since its launch in 2013. In order to prepare for the big holiday shopping this year, Sony announced that they will be lowering the price of the base system as well as their popular bundles, listed below:



If you have been looking to buy a PlayStation 4 but the price has been keeping you at bay, today’s your day to pick one up for a cheaper price and join the millions of players already amongst Sony’s ranks.

Source: PlayStation

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