Indie studio fights for canned ‘Star Wars’ game

Indie studio fights for canned ‘Star Wars’ game


The fine folks over at Red Fly Studio have tried in the past to push out a Star Wars licensed game based on the iconic Episode I character Darth Maul, but unfortunately–like many projects–it was eventually cancelled. They did not take this setback lying down however. They continued to work hard, making demos and games under other licenses to build up their portfolio and prove their worth in the land of game development. Now they’re hoping to catch the attention of EA, the current holder of the Star Wars video game licensing rights, as well as Disney, the owner of the intellectual property.

Dan Borth CEO and owner of Red Fly Studio took to a Reddit AMA to talk about the situation regarding the game. People had lots of questions all over the range of the game from feature ideas to offers to help with it (and, of course, the random unnecessary questions to be expected of a reddit AMA).

One user asked about motion controls on the Wii U system. Borth responded:

“We shipped numerous titles for the Wii. We loved the Wii and at one time we were considered the best third party Wii developer out there. But ya know what? Nintendo didn’t care. They never gave us work or help or anything. We were their best third party dev and we got zippo from those guys. We made Wii demos for Devil may cray, Arkham Asylum, Dig Dug, XWing versus Tie Fighter (maybe I will show this on our twitter feed) and they were awesome for the time. ZERO support. So I’m sorry our days of investing in Nintendo are done. We thought we would be in line to get WiiU dev kits – nope. So yeah.”

It is sad to see a developer be pushed away from a company when they seem to be shipping out quality material specifically geared toward their system’s mechanics. Seeing this list of material that they have put on the market, this writer remains optimistic regarding their ability to make an awesome Star Wars game. According to a 2014 report by GameSpot, the game will be in the same style as Batman: Arkham Asylum, which is personally one of my favorite linear games.

When asked about what the chances of the game being released is Borth answered: “Ha. Realistically very slim. However the social media swell generated by people like you are helping drive conversations about it.”

The lack of confidence in the project’s future is certainly not ideal, but they do not have to be in this fight alone. We can all play a big part in making Darth Maul’s story come alive through the art of video games. The mission is to get the word out about our  passion for the idea of a new Star Wars game that isn’t yet another FPS. If you’re interested in supporting the game, visit and follow Red Fly Studio’s Twitter page and tweet using the hashtag #WeWantMaul.

Get out there and make your voice heard if you want to see the red-and-black faced menace rise to power in his own game. While the outcome is anyone’s guess, now’s your chance to show support and  help get another promising game off the ground.

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