‘Battlefield 4’ November Brief released

‘Battlefield 4’ November Brief released


With a new month comes a new schedule of events for our FPS favorite, Battlefield 4. The recent addition of the Community Operations DLC will be used in full force throughout November along with three major missions to complete and other events like bonus XP days and gaming with the Battlelog team.

Note: events listed for specific days begin at 9a PST/ 11a CST and will end at the same time on the final day of the event.

  • Feel like playing Battlefield 4 with the moderating team at Battlelog? Now’s your chance with #FridayNightBattlefield. Every Friday be sure to check out the Battlefield Twitter account as they send out server information and ways you can join in the fun with the team.
  • Do you like free things? Specifically free things that can help you take down your enemy in a fierce game of conquest? Should I stop asking rhetorical questions? Of course the answer to all of these is a resounding yes! Thankfully, just for logging into Battlefield 4 on November 3, everyone who logs in gets a free Gold Battlepack. It doesn’t get any easier.
  • Some battles are rough and the XP earned seems to trickle in, whereas others seem like you’re wearing an adamantium and mithril alloy flak jacket while cutting down more enemies than a Fat Man from Fallout. No matter how the game goes, its always nice to grab double XP points for whatever you can do in the field of battle. Your chance will come on the weekend of Nov. 5 – 8, on all official ranked servers.
  • Scorpios dominate the month of November on the astrological calendar. To celebrate this, Battlefield 4 is calling for Zodiac Mission: Scorpio. Between Nov. 11 – 17 hop into any multiplayer mode on BF4 and rack up 25 kills with the CZ-3A1 to earn the Scorpio Dog Tag.
  • Want more XP boosts and accessories? Between Nov. 20 – 22 play any multiplayer mode and kill 120 enemies with your DAO-12 to earn another Gold Battlepack.
  • And last but not least for our Support-class friends, score 50 resupplies for your team on any multiplayer mode Nov. 25 – 28 to get yourself a Gold Battlepack. Even if you’re not usually a Support player either, 50 resupplies can add up pretty quickly, especially when the Battlefield 4 team seems to be handing out more souvenirs than an episode of Oprah.

I don’t know about you, but November looks like it will be a great month for playing Battlefield 4 with missions set forth for us and plenty of opportunities for battlepacks, extra experience, and playing with some of the great people behind this game. So suit up soldier and complete ALL of the objectives!!!

Source: Battlelog

Image Credit: Battlefield 4

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