‘Hearthstone’ introduces temporary co-op in Unite Against Mechazod event

‘Hearthstone’ introduces temporary co-op in Unite Against Mechazod event


Mechazod is coming and he’s angry, meaning you and the other Tavern Brawlers must work together to take him down. Yeah, you read that right: for the first time ever, you and your matched player will be working together for a common cause in a co-op-style game mode. Act fast, as this mode, Unite Against Mechazod, will only be around until Monday Nov 9.


Mechazod. Blizzard Entertainment

You and your partner will take control of a pre-built deck to take down the mechanical monstrosity. Each turn he will move to the other side of the board to take on the dynamic duo set before him. Be careful though, if one player goes down, you both do and Mechazod wins.

Win or lose you and your partner get to keep the deck used in this devilish new game mode as long as the queue system was used to randomly pair the two of you.

Get out there, pick up your deck, and stop Mechazod from managing his mechanical malevolence. And play nicely; who knows when something team-friendly like “Unite Against Mechazod” happens again?

Source: Battle.net

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