New Xbox One Elite console bundle available now

New Xbox One Elite console bundle available now


Xbox One fans rejoice! The console will have some new upgrades that will certainly please gamers thanks to the recently released Xbox One Elite Bundle. The bundle boasts a new 1 TB SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) and the popular Xbox One Elite Controller, though at a price point of $499 USD.

The new hard drive in the Xbox One Elite Bundle is twice the size of the original Xbox One console’s. With games getting larger and larger every day, plus the obnoxious Day One patches seen all too often nowadays, adequate storage space is becoming more and more precious. This need for storage is especially prevalent in the latest generation of consoles: the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U all have online marketplaces where players can simply download new games rather than buy a physical disc.

Microsoft not only saw the need for additional storage, but also made the new storage much more efficient by switching the old HDD out for an SSHD. The new drive will track what files you use most often and save those to the flash memory partition of the drive to decrease load times on your most used data. In addition to this intelligent memory usage, the console can now boot up 20% faster from power saving mode using the new hybrid drive.

If that beautiful storage option isn’t quite enough to put you over the edge into Xbox territory, maybe the addition of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller will be. That’s right, the wildly popular new controller is included in the latest console upgrade. This bundle is the best way to get your hands on one of these bad boys as they are already sold out, and will see a limited supply for at least the month of November. Since the hefty price of $150 is pretty hard to swallow for most players, with this bundle, you get the top of the line controller included in the price, which, along with the improved storage, is a pretty solid deal comparatively.

It seems that under the leadership of Phil Spencer, Xbox as a whole keeps taking steps in the right direction. He stated outright that he would much rather see happy players and regain the trust of old fans of the systems than to just outsell the new PlayStation. He proved he wasn’t bluffing with the addition of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One and now even gave us a new system that will elevate the level of gaming possible on the console.

Kudos to you Xbox. Keep moving forward, make your players happy and show us that gaming companies have not all gone to the dark side of simply pursuing corporate greed.

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