‘Stranded Deep’ still kicking, boasts new content updates

‘Stranded Deep’ still kicking, boasts new content updates


Early Access can be a fickle friend, with some companies taking money for an unfinished project and then neglecting to work towards completing it. However other companies, like Beam Team Games, utilize the program as intended, keeping its project backers informed on their investment of faith and money. Stranded Deep, Beam Team Games‘ new Early Access title on Steam, saw some new updates recently that were announced on the game’s news page.

Like many other indie developments before it, Stranded Deep is moving slowly; it’s been almost two months since we have seen the last patch notes about an update on the oceanic survival adventure, but now we can rest assured that production of Stranded Deep is going strong as the team continues to bring fixes and additions to the project.

The past week has brought us both patches 0.05.E3 and 0.05.E4 to the experimental branch of the game. While the first patch brought along some interesting content additions and features such as a new crafting menu and world/map editor, the second update was more of a bug-repelling hotfix.

Coupled with the initial bug fixes ranging from missing shaders to campfires automatically placing mid-air, the major content patch was all about menus and world editing: “You can now create your own maps and use them to create your own custom world [with] a community side which we’ll be working on and getting up and running shortly.”

And while Stranded Deep‘s stack-and-slap crafting system that had you gathering components up into piles seemed a better idea than it was in practice, it’s now much easier, utilizing anything within the crafting radius as well as the items in your backpack. The developers cite the change as “necessary to allow more advanced crafting” and that more changes are to come, hinting at the possible inclusion of crafting stations like looms and furnaces.

For the full announcement, check out Beam Team Games‘ Stranded Deep news feed on Steam. Or the link beginning the preceding sentence works fine too. Either way, it’s good to see that this project hasn’t fallen into limbo like so many others, lost in a sea of broken dreams. Stranded one might say…

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