PS2-to-PS4 backwards compatibility confirmed by Sony

PS2-to-PS4 backwards compatibility confirmed by Sony


We all love playing our favorite games from back in the day when we had no more responsibilities than to finish our veggies and rescue the princess. Sony is looking to make that even easier by bringing our favorite PS2 games to the current generation by building an official emulator for the PlayStation 4.

The news was broken by Wired after Sony sent an email to one of their representatives, stating that they “are working on utilizing PS2 emulation technology to bring PS2 games forward to the current generation,” though declining to give any more details.

With Xbox One becoming backwards compatible earlier this month, Sony must have saw an opportunity to bring older games to their new console as well, in addition to its PS3 offerings (while not technically classified as “backward compatibility,” PlayStation Now members can stream PS3 games to their PS4 consoles). PlayStation fans should be excited to see some classic favorites be playable in a new way; while some still have their consoles from the early 2000s, other have since gotten rid of these relics and this will renew their chance to play some old favorites.

Emulators have been the nostalgic gamer’s best friend especially on PC, recreating a virtual replica of the environment the game was created for (as an example, a 3DS emulator would allow the user to run 3DS games, thinking they’re in a 3DS). This same principle applies to the PS2-to-PS4 model.

Although the PS4 remains the only console that currently lacks true backwards compability, in addition to PlayStation Now, players have been able to play some old re-released favorites like the Jak and Daxter Collection and the Ratchet and Clank Collection for the PS3, as well as upgrading Uncharted and The Last of Us to the PS4.

We will certainly be keeping our ears to the ground for further information on the subject to keep you up to date on this big news. So stay tuned as we await further announcements.

Source: Wired

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