‘Battlefront’ breaks records with galactic sales

‘Battlefront’ breaks records with galactic sales


Only one week has gone by since Star Wars fans around the world were pacified just a bit longer until Episode VII comes out next month. In that one week, Battlefront has certainly made itself a front-runner in sales.

Patrick Söderlund, Executive Vice President of EA Studios, announced how big the release has been (without actual sales numbers mind you) on EA‘s news page:

Star Wars Battlefront is the biggest launch of a Star Wars™ video game ever and is the largest digital launch in the history of EA.”

These big numbers are no doubt helped by the open beta that took place in October, giving players the chance to try the game before buying amid a market that’s growing increasingly choosy due to botched launches by indie and triple-A developers alike.

Söderlund kept a light-hearted feeling in his post by including some Star Wars-themed inside jokes as well as a shockingly large statistic: “You’ve proven that stormtroopers can actually aim, that the Millennium Falcon does indeed have it where it counts, and that the Force™ really is strong with Luke. In just a week, you’ve already taken down more than 15 million AT-ATs.”

While digital, 15 million two-legged space-tanks getting scrapped in a week is incredible. My experience with the beta and showed me how hard it can be for a team of rebels to disable one of those walking monstrosities; it’s hard to imagine 15 million of them going out of commission.

Only two weeks remain until the first free DLC drops for Battlefront. And yes, you read that right: EA is giving out free DLC  for the beloved Star Wars shooter. These free content updates can also include (though not always) extra maps and Star Cards (essentially, unlockable abilities and equipment).

As far as the larger paid-for DLC, however, The Battle of Jakku will be the first of what should be a large number of DLC packs judging by the $50 price tag of the season pass. The new content takes place 29 years before Star Wars: The Force Awakens and will bring two maps and a game mode with it.



Players who pre-ordered their copy of Battlefront will get access to the DLC on December 1 as a part of the preorder incentives that EA included before launch. For everyone else, the content will be available a week later on December 8.

Source: Electronic Arts

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