‘This War of Mine’ board game confirmed for next year

‘This War of Mine’ board game confirmed for next year


This War of Mine, the multi-platform game about making heart-wrenching decisions leading civilians caught in the heat of war is coming to a table near you. Developer 11 bit studios is teaming up with board game veterans to bring this masterpiece to an entirely new medium.

The board game reincarnation of This War of Mine will be playable by up to six players, as well as having a solo campaign that can be played alone. It’s that second bit that I find most interesting; single-player board games are vastly less popular than, say, single-player video games. When I hear of a single-player tabletop experience my first thought is either Solitaire or some sort of a puzzle game. The idea of a solo board game that is based on narrative is definitely a new concept for me.

With the gripping storytelling found in the digital version, it is hard to imagine how that would translate to a board game setting. Nonetheless, 11 bit remains optimistic in its press release

“The boardgame [sic] significantly broadens the original game’s universe and emphasises the depth of the plot, yet its main focus will be on human interactions driven by survival instinct and group decision-making. All we can say thus far is that this project will be extremely ambitious because it aims to omit the usual boardgame threshold – TWOM the board game will be an INSTANT-PLAY game, with no need to read the manual before starting the adventure.”

To this effect, they’ve hired game and story designers Michael Oracz (Neuroshima Hex, Earthcore: Shattered Elements, Neuroshima RPG, and Theseus: The Dark Orbit, among others) and Jakub Wisniewski (Earthcore: Shattered Elements, Dying Light) to help reimagine This War of Mine in its physical tabletop form.

This War of Mine: The Board Game is slated for release sometime next year, though fans are encouraged to sign up with the game’s official newsletter to keep informed in the meantime.

Source: 11 bit studios

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