GOG kicks off December with Big Winter Sale!

GOG kicks off December with Big Winter Sale!


Ahh yes. It’s that time of year again and just as Steam was finishing up its sale, GOG has launched its Big Winter Sale this morning, offering over 500 daily deals up to 90% off and 18 bundles between December 2 – 13.

To sweeten the deal, GOG is also featuring mystery games for $3 each (each worth anywhere between $9.99 and $34.99) as well as throwing in Divine Divinity and Blackguards Special Edition if you spend at least $5 and $50 over the course of the sale, respectively. And while you might be apprehensive tossing $3 for a game you might not even like, it’s a clever way to expose you to games outside your comfort zone–and having rolled the dice already last time, I wasn’t disappointed.

Today features two Star Wars bundles (the Blaster and Saber packs containing select FPS and RPG/Action titles respectively), as well as discounts on your favorites like The Witcher 3, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, Pillars of EternityMetro 2033 Redux, and much, much more!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some awesome (and DRM-free) games! And if not for you, I’m sure you have some friends who’d appreciate a gift or two. With deals like these, you don’t have an excuse to turn up giftless this year. For real–eight Star Wars games for $22.44 (originally $97.90)?

And if you’re still not convinced, hide your wallet. This is just the beginning.

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