‘Battlefield 4’ December Brief released

‘Battlefield 4’ December Brief released


Battlefield 4 has time and time again given us rewards for playing. December will be no different according to the latest mission briefing: not only will they be handing out battlepacks once again, they will also be offering the chance to catch up on the zodiac dog tag missions that have since ended.

As always, Friday Night Battlefield will continue on as you have the opportunity to play with some of Battlelog’s moderators and members of the Battlefield community team. Some additional special events for the month are listed below:

  • December 9 – 15: The Zodiac Mission: Sagittarius dog tag will be up for grabs this month. Rack up 25 kills with the QBB-95 and the tag is yours. This is the ninth iteration of the Zodiac Mission, with the preceding eight becoming available once again during this month.
  • December 15 – 21: Everyone could stand to gain another level or two in multiplayer; to facilitate this growth, there will be a double XP period in the middle of December.
  • Starting on December 23 Battlefield 4 players who missed the past Zodic Mission dog tags will have a second chance to pick them up.
  • December 23: Zodiac Mission: Aries – Get one knife kill on the 23rd to grab your tag. Something tells me that certain servers will resemble games of Counter-Strike on this day as everyone runs around with knives looking for that oh-so-satisfying assassination.
  • December 24: Zodiac Mission: Taurus – Destroy 5 vehicles on the 24th for the tag. While being an expert engineer is not necessary for this, it definitely couldn’t hurt to practice your RPG shot a little ahead of time.
  • December 25: Zodiac Mission: Gemini – Give the gift of life with 5 revives on Christmas for your Gemini dog tag.
  • December 26: Zodiac Mission: Cancer – Use a boat to get 5 kills for this dog tag. Be warned, this will get a bit more intense than the times we’ve spent playing with boats in the bathtub. If I remember correctly, there was a lot less blood back then.
  • December 27: Zodiac Mission: Leo – Being a lion is all about the mane. Take off 10 heads with any sniper rifle to earn yours. While it is not explicitly stated in the news page, roaring like a lion after each kill in this category may or may not be a requirement for the dog tag.
  • December 28: Zodiac Mission: Virgo – Personally defend yourself with the PDW 25 times to get your Virgo dog tag.
  • December 29: Zodiac Mission: Libra – Pick up your DAO-12 for 25 kills to grab this tag. As seen in many rounds of Battlefield 4, shotguns can have some interestingly long range at times, so have fun with this one.
  • December 30: Zodiac Mission: Scorpio – The CZ-3A1 will be the weapon of choice once more on the 30th. Score 25 kills with yours to grab a dog tag.
  • December 31: Zodiac Mission: Sagittarius – The 31st brings a last chance at the Sagittarius dog tag that is described above.

The team did not forget about the holiday season this December. On the 24th they wish everyone a Merry Christmakwanzakah with a free gold battlepack just for signing in.

Strap in soldier, December will be a long month of earning your tags, but seeing your collection after all that hard work will make it all feel worthwhile.

Source: Battlelog

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