Feel fancy with Mammoth Ivory gaming dice

Feel fancy with Mammoth Ivory gaming dice


Though taming your own digital mammoth is all well and good, a lot of good that does you if you’re a tabletop player. Well, no. I can offer you the next best thing: Mammoth Ivory gaming dice–specifically in the 20-sided variety.

You heard right. You can get your own d20 carved from the very tusk of one of these ancient beasts that roamed the world thousands of years ago. Beautifully crafted by the folks at Artisan Dice for their Necromancer dice collection (a fitting name, given these are from the bones of a 10,000 year old behemoth), you can get your very own d20 for $248.00.

According to the store page:

Each Mammoth Tusk d20 comes in its very own Mk X box crafted from Eastern Aromatic Cedar and completed with a Black Walnut insert. Due to the extreme age of Mammoth Ivory it does exhibit some cracking and patina. We have left this intact on these dice while ensuring every age acquired crack has been carefully filled, preserved, and stabilized so these dice will last another 10,000 years while retaining their aged beauty.

Included with each die is a Certificate of Authenticity attached to which is a sample chip of the tusk which was used to craft the d20 should any testing be required by customs to prove the die is made from actual Mammoth Tusk.

Granted, I’m pretty cheap and am pretty content with my plastic set of Dungeons & Dragons dice, but to have one made of Mammoth Ivory would be both awesome and anxiety-inducing (you’re just throwing around $250~ after all). However, the official description makes these babies sound like the Cadillac of dice, featuring inner layers polished “to a brilliant luster that showcases a wonderful grain in the form of  a subtle cross hatch pattern, and distinctively heavy weight along with a crisp sound when rolled as a die.” For my fellow D&D nerds, you all know how beautiful that must be to hear.

And in case you didn’t know what Mammoth Ivory looks like before it’s turned into 20-sided dice, Artisan‘s got you covered:

I just have to say, this isn’t a sponsored post either. I just didn’t know they made dice like this. Or that Mammoth Ivory was such a sought after material for the sake of high quality dice making.

The more you know, amirite?

Source: Artisan Dice

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