‘PAYDAY 2: The Point Break Heists’ DLC now available

‘PAYDAY 2: The Point Break Heists’ DLC now available


If you were ever wondering if PAYDAY 2 has enough DLC, the answer is still a resounding no. OVERKILL has unleashed its 29th downloadable content pack for its cooperative heisting game earlier this week dubbed The Point Break Heists which contains not one but two new heists along with some other goodies mixed in.

For those of you who’ve logged onto the game in the past couple of days, you might’ve noticed Crime.net looks a little glitchy. Sure enough, Vernon Locke, a South African mercenary hired by Murkywater to hack and destroy the heisters’ main communications hub, has paid a little visit and is looking to see if you’re interested in a few opportunities. Ahh, you just can’t buy loyal mercenaries like you used to.

Without getting too in-depth, the two operations Locke has you carrying out are entitled Beneath the Mountain and Birth of Sky. Beneath the Mountain has you infiltrating a Cold War-era bunker that’s been retrofitted into Murkywater’s new command center (and, apparently, where the security contractor keeps its vast vaults). Birth of Sky has you robbing a military cargo plane in mid-flight. I’ll let your imaginations run wild grasping how to pull that one off.

'PAYDAY 2: The Point Break Heists' DLC now available

The DLC also includes a bunch of extras such as a new pistol dubbed the “Baby Deagle,” some new pistol mods, six new songs, four new melee weapons, along with new masks, textures, materials, and patterns. And, of course, ten new achievements for those avid Achievement Hunters out there. Maybe with all this extra stuff, you might stop dying so much.

The Point Break Heists DLC is currently available on Steam for $6.99 and while it’s the holiday season, given the DLC’s new release, it’s uncertain how seasonal sales will affect its price–if at all.

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