Greenheart Games shows their hearts, donates to charity

Greenheart Games shows their hearts, donates to charity


It is easy to see developers as money hungry monsters in this age of microtransactions and paid DLC. Sometimes it take drastic measures for us to see that devs are not bad guys. Greenheart Games showed us that it’s not all about the bottom line last month with a sizable donation to Charitas Australia’s Middle East Crisis Appeal.

The charity looks to aid innocent bystanders in the Middle East with food, sanitation, healthcare, and other basic services. They also help support those people who have fled to Europe as refugees in hopes of a better life, a crisis that now eclipses the diaspora of World War II.

Money was raised through a charity sale during which 100% of profits were donated to help refugees, making it possible for the company to send $3,500 AUD to those in need.

Being a small indie development firm makes it hard enough to stay afloat as it is. Giving away a  sum of money like this can only hinder the company’s growth. Thankfully Greenheart Games is concerned about their fellow man and is willing to help despite this.

Currently Greenheart Games only has one game released, Game Dev Tycoon, a simulator that has you taking the reins of your own indie game development start-up, effectively showing the player just how hard it is to do what they have done–though with fun game mechanics. While many dream to make their own game and gain market share, it’s easier said than done.

This donation joins other humanitarian acts this year from developers like CCP‘s assistance to earthquake victims in Nepal back in May. Philanthropy is a beautiful thing, and when it comes from the video game world, it shows people that we aren’t all violent inhabitants of our mother’s basement.

If you’re interested in joining them in donating directly to Charitas Australia, you can visit their website directly here.

Source: Greenheart Games

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