Hideo Kojima banned from Game Awards 2015 despite MGS win

Hideo Kojima banned from Game Awards 2015 despite MGS win


Hideo Kojima–who worked so hard wearing many development and design hats to bring us the Metal Gear Solid series–had to watch the Game Awards 2015 the same way most of us did: from the couch. It is not unusual for an award winner to not be able to attend the ceremony. Most of the time there is a personal reason for not being able to attend or some sort of scheduling conflict. In this case however, the recipient couldn’t go due to a company preventing it.

In accordance with his effective contract with Konami, Kojima was not allowed to travel to the awards show. The salt in the wound? Kojima won an award for his work on Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, but couldn’t accept it himself. Instead, the voice of Venom Snake, Kiefer Sutherland, accepted the award on his behalf.

After the release of the latest addition to the Metal Gear Solid, Kojima and Konami appeared to part ways. The elimination of Kojima Productions, a subsidiary of Konami responsible for the series, was not great for either party. While the games Kojima produced required a large budget, they performed admirably; losing that certainly hurt not only the company, but gamers around the world that loved Kojima’s games.

Fans in attendance at Game Awards 2015 made their opinions known during the announcement of why Kojima could not attend. They cheered when his work was praised and booed loudly as it was said that he was effectively banned based on his contract with Konami.

It’s sad to see a major talent like Kojima not be recognized in the right way for his work. As a creator and artist of such quality productions, he should at least be allowed to receive his own awards and celebrate with his peers. Contract or no, credit ought to go where credit’s due.

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